KT Khanh Trinh 1520 Foldable Free Standing Pull Up Bar Stand Power Tower Workout Station Review

KT Khanh Trinh 1520 Foldable Pull Up Bar Stand 

KT Toes Don't Touch Ground Foldable Free Standing Pull Up Bar Stand

KT Khanh Trinh 1520 is a freestanding and foldable pull up bar , stand power tower or workout station for indoor home gym use with your toes not touching the ground. It is a multifunctional workout rack that can be used in different settings for a variety of exercises. The average user rating is 4.7 out of 5 stars by 86 customers that purchased and bought this modern product.

You can have your most comfortable chin up and pull up exercises on the high quality foldable stand designed by Mr Khanh Trinh with 15 years of professional pull up experience and knows exactly what the users will want. You can perform the exercises with the full body swing, stretched and with your toes not touching the ground. There is basically no limit to your movements and what you can do on this great quality pull up bar and stand. You can do vertical knee raises, pedals, pull ups and twist body.

The height of this power tower can be adjusted at many different levels between 76.7 and 100.4 inches and without needing a spanner. It is good for use by people that weigh less than 6.56 feet and 485 pounds. The maximum total weight capacity is specified as 771.6 pounds and will let you do different exercises without any risk of bending or collapsing. This power rack stand is very stable, robust and durable with a great force bearing capacity. It is not 100% stable but roughly a 92% of the wobbling is removed and most customers will be satisfied.

Unlike many other pull up bars on the market this one is wider and larger and you have plenty of space to work out in. You can do your narrow or wide grips on the 39.37-inch handlebar. There is also no risk of falling down like some doorway pull up bars. You can fold it up quickly in just ten seconds or so, once you’re done with your workout. And you can use it wherever you want indoors or outdoors including your home gym area, garage, bedroom, office, playground etc. KT Workout Stand can be used with the resistance bands set, core barbell, weight bench, exercise ball, swing chair, punching bag, aerial yoga hammock, TRX Straps Suspension Kit and calisthenics gymnastic rings.

KT Toes Don't Touch Ground Foldable

It is a great quality pull up bar stand that is manufactured on the semi-auto and modern lines with the welds and painting done by the robots. It goes through strict inspection and testing before getting out on the market and is offered with a solid 5-year warranty by the manufacturer. KT Workout Station is comfortable, effective, safe, stable and at just the right adjustable height. If a stand is too high it can feel not very stable and if too low your toes will touch the ground.

With a maximum height of 100.4 inches you won’t have any problems with this one. The A-shaped structure has the support bars welded into 4 legs and with very carefully combined materials. It is certainly safe to use with no chance of banging your shin thighs or knees on entangled parts. When you fold it you’ll get a long rectangular frame. With a weight of 63.9 pounds or 29kg it is not too hard to be carried around by a healthy man. But by foldable we don’t mean it can be taken on your travels. The height can be adjusted to 63 different levels for being used by anyone in your house and to be used even in low ceiling rooms. The handlebar can be removed from the frame for you to put other accessories like the hanging hooks or foam handle grips. It is very good value for money overall, as you can tell from the many customer reviews too.

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