KT (Khanh Trinh) 1520 MultiPull Indoor Pull-Up Stand Review

KT (Khanh Trinh) 1520 MultiPull Indoor Pull-Up Stand

KT Mens Pull-up Bar, Abs Pull up Machine

KT Khanh Trinh 1520 MultiPull is a modern, adjustable and portable indoor pull-up stand bar for performing a variety of exercises by using the body weight. It has a decent average customer satisfaction score of 4.8 out of 5 stars by 32 users at the moment and proves to be a popular fitness equipment at Amazon.com.

It is possibly one of the best pull up machines for indoor use. The whole frame is made of very strong alloy steel that has powder coating for extended durability. It is suitable for users that weigh up to 485 pounds and between 4.92 to 6.56 feet height (1.5 to 2m). The height is conveniently and easily adjustable between 76.7″ and 100.4 inches without using any tools. It gets to a decent height for you to not touch the floor. You can certainly feel safe and stable on this foldable and portable stand. It has a great force bearing capacity of up to 771.6 pounds or 350kg.

It lets the user do a full body swing without needing to bend legs or limit your movements. And the pull up stand will not bend or collapse even when you do your hard exercises.  There will be a bit of wobbling as you can expect from any pull-up bar, but this will be minimal at up to 92% reduced wobble rate. The handle bar has a 1.2-inch diameter on a 35.4″ (90cm) long bar. It is very easy to adjust the height and the spread distance with its antenna structure. The KT Pull Up Stand doesn’t take up a lot of space as it has the 48″ x 44″ x spread range. Maximum spread range is 147 inches or 375cm at the shortest height.

KT Mens Pull-up Bar, Abs Pull up Machine Exercises

The soft and sturdy 0.275-inch foam handle grips, TRX training straps, aerial yoga hammock, hanging hook, punching bag, swing chair for kids are some of the accessories you can add and detach easily. You can fold the KT pull up bar very easily in just a few seconds and move it anywhere in your house. It weighs around 63.9 pounds and may require a bit of effort to lift on your own.

Lighter versionKT Aerial Yoga Stand KT1.1518” is also available on Amazon.com.  Both of these sturdy and durable pull-up bars come with an impressive 5 years of warranty for you to have a peace of mind. It is as robust and reliable as an outdoor pull up bar with the solid fixed feet. These units are tested and inspected thoroughly and they’re quite reliable. You will receive this unit in a single box but please note that the delivery times are longer during the Covid 19 days. Please note that this is a standalone or freestanding type pull-up bar that is not mounted on a doorway. You’ll get a small user manual with the instructions for assembly and operation. You can also check out the videos on Youtube, but it is mostly common sense.

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