Kuokel Indoor Cycling Spin Bike Review

Kuokel Indoor Cycling Spin Bike

Kuokel Cycling Bike

Kuokel Indoor Spin Bike is a very recent release fitness equipment for an intense aerobic or cardiovascular workout with a sturdy construction and a sleek and modern design.

It has a decent size 24-pound flywheel, a digital LCD-backlit monitor and a few user-friendly functions. It is a very recent release spin bike at Amazon.com, so there aren’t many customer reviews yet. Despite the robust and durable build and the stainless steel frame, the Kuokel Spin Bike is designed for home use, and not commercial use. There is a smartphone holder at the front where you can put your phone for entertainment.

You have two different designs and three color options to choose from- black, red or white, with a twenty dollar difference between the first and second designs. The multi-functional digital monitor will show distance, calories, speed, ODOmeter and heart rate via the pulse sensors on the handles. And you can monitor your progress and record your data and stay motivated to achieve better results. The weight of the adjustable resistance flywheel is 11kg or 24.25 pounds to be exact.

You can simply turn the tension dial in the middle to adjust the resistance, depending on your needs on the day. It has an ergonomic PU leather soft padded seat that dries quickly when wet and appears to be rather comfy for a spin bike seat. You can adjust it easily four ways, back and front, up and down to make you feel very comfortable during your cycling session. The handlebars are also adjustable for height. You can feel safe on its sturdy heavy-duty steel frame and crank and there won’t be any wobbling. It has the anti-slip pedals with a foot cage design to keep your feet in place and not slip.

The Kuokel Spin Bike will help you burn calories, lose weight, strengthen your leg muscles and the core section, enhance your cardio function, feel relaxed and well in both body and mind. If you don’t have the time or energy to get to gym, this can be a decent unit to own. So that you can Kuokel Cycling Spin Home Bikeexercise whenever you want in the comfort of your home. There is a water bottle holder in the center with an aluminium water bottle included in the box. So you can reach the bottle easily and stay hydrated without having to dismount the bike.

The ride will be safe, smooth and steady thanks to the momentum created by a heavy flywheel that will make it feel like a real road experience. There is only a single button on the functional display panel and all the indicators will be shown automatically.It is easy to put together within just half an hour, with the tools and instructions in the box. One of the customers had difficulty adjusting the height and position of the saddle and the handlebar. And they criticize the packaging and point out that it could be done better. You won’t get any extra bells and whistles on this bike, but a simplistic design and a sturdy build. And that should be more than what you might expect at the current price level.

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