LABODI Indoor Spin Bike with 35 lb. Flywheel & Belt Drive Review

LABODI Indoor Spin Bike with 35 lb. Flywheel & Belt Drive

labodi exercise bike 35 lb flywheel

Black LABODI Indoor Stationary Spin Bike is a home cardiovascular equipment with a solid steel frame, a large 35-pound flywheel, an aluminium alloy pulley and a quiet belt drive. It is the upgraded version with a robust thickened frame design, the bottom support bar and a total of 330-pound user weight.

The rating is 5 out of 5 stars by 6 happy and satisfied customers at the time of this product review. With the 35 lb. large flywheel and a belt drive it runs very quietly and smoothly even over intense sessions. It feels safe and stable overall and offers a very effective low-impact workout. The upgraded high quality bike comes with a soft saddle cushion, cage pedals with foot straps, resistance knob, heart rate sensors on the handlebars and floor levelers.

The seat is adjustable four ways and the handle two ways to accommodate different body types. You will feel comfortable on its very soft seat cushion by holding the anti-slip handlebars with a nice grip over longer sessions. You’ll get an accurate heart rate reading on the LCD display via the sensors on the handles. This 3.54-inch LCD display panel shows the regular workout indicators of calories burned, distance traveled in miles, time exercised, current speed and rpm. The LCD display and the iPad holder are separate from each other and one will not cover the other one.

There is a large 10.2″ flat tablet bracket just above the LCD display where you can put your smartphone or tablet for entertainment during your exercise session. You also have two round holders on the sides to put your water bottle or other small items in. You can control and adjust the workout resistance through the tension knob in the middle. By changing the resistance level- adjusting it up and down during your workout labodi exercise bike 35 lb partsyou can burn calories and fat faster. It will help increase your heart rate, improve your lung and heart function and work on your abdominals as well, by the right posture.

You can stop the bike immediately by pushing down the tension knob in case of an emergency and when you can not stop by yourself. The cage pedals have an anti-slip texture and the foot straps will keep your feet in place. It is not a foldable bike but comes with the front transport wheels that you can push or pull it on. The bike is built sturdy, stable and durable with a solid frame, heavy-duty crank, bottom support bar and the triangular support structure. It is built to withstand your intense cardiovascular workouts, in both sitting and standing positions.

You can just tilt it out and move it away for storage and there will not be any burden on your muscles as you won’t be lifting anything. It offers a nice low-impact workout that will not burden your joints, knees or ankles. By holding the multi-grip handle and different riding postures you will work on your calves, thighs, hips, abs and arms as part of a total body workout. Black LABODI Indoor Stationary Spin Bike weighs 72.5 pounds and measures 21.9 x 43.8 x 52.3 inches at the highest point of the handlebar. The seat height can be adjusted between 37.1 to 42.5 inches off the ground and the handlebar between 48.1 to 52.3 inches. And people that are between the heights of 4’11” to 6’3″ can use it comfortably. It is definitely worth considering for the build quality, premium look and feel, ease of assembly, quiet operation and functionality at an affordable price. It comes with a year of warranty that includes parts replacement and a helpful customer service.

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