Leapair Fine Adjustable Dumbbell Weight Bench Review

Leapair Fine Adjustable Barbell Weight Bench

Leapair Fine Adjustable Barbell Weight Bench

Here is the new release, sturdy, high quality multi-purpose FID dumbbell / weight bench by Leapair that can be used in flat, incline and decline positions and with 20+ adjustments including 3 for back leg, 9 for back support plate, 3 for seat cushion and 5 for front leg support and with double pipe and thickened support front bar for 330 pounds total weight capacity. Backrest and seat are made of PU leather and thickened great quality sponge, nicely padded knee and ankle rollers are covered with vinyl for your comfort when working out. It looks nice in red and black, doesn’t come fully assembled but is easy to put together with the necessary instructions and tools in the box and easy enough to store as it doesn’t take up much space with assembled dimensions of 56 x 12 x 45 inches and 45 inch being the tallest the back support plate can get- compact design so it can fit in small spaces but we can not see transport wheels underneath (may or may not have them). It is solid and sturdy with powder coated stainless steel frame and support mechanisms so does not wobble as long as you put it together and tighten it properly.

Leapair Fine Adjustable Weight Bench

Leapair Multi Bench is easy to mount and dismount and is designed mainly for dumbbell and barbell training in incline, decline, flat and near vertical positions like shoulder presses, chest presses, different tricep and bicep exercises but also for working on your core, by letting you do crunches and leg raises and with many adjustment positions for front and back legs, back support and seat cushion giving you quite a bit of flexibility and comfort when you are working out with dumbbells or barbells or doing abdominal exercises. It is quite good value and for the flexibility, functionality and build quality, with solid design and comfy padding that nicely supports your body, is affordable at the current discounted price on Amazon.com- lower than competitor models that offer less in terms of features and quality. Unlike with some other models you can do crunches comfortably- your butt won’t sit between the cushions, with the adjustments provided and with a bit of creativity you can use this bench for many different exercises targeting different body parts. It is decent value for money overall, has a simplistic design but is robust and offers a great deal of adjustability.

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