Leg Master Pelvic Floor Trainer Total Body Workout Machine by Fiona Summers Review

Leg Master Pelvic Floor Trainer by Fiona Summers 

Leg Master Slim Total Body Toning & Strengthening Machine

Leg Master by Fiona Summers is a “60 seconds a day” total body workout tool for burning calories and fat, and toning and strengthening different muscles of your body with the lateral gliding motion on a curved track. It was first designed for the purpose of strengthening the weakened pelvic floor of women after giving birth.

The main focus muscles on the Leg Master are your inner thighs, which are often ignored during different exercise programs or sessions. When you first stand on this unit you will be on the low part of the curved ramp. And to move your body up the ramp you need to put quite a bit of effort every time as it requires a good deal of power. It will help tighten the inner and outer thighs, lift and tone your buttocks, strengthen your abdominals and the pelvic floor.

Even if you already knew the pelvic needed regular workout you won’t notice how weak it becomes till you get on this machine. And you will feel the impact straight away. And your abs will start feeling stronger every day. You only need to use the Leg Master 60 seconds or 1 minute each day to start feeling the positive results. Of course you can do it as much as you can or want. It is a sturdy workout tool that can carry a maximum user weight of up to 350 pounds and has the measurements of 40H x 28W x 19L inches.

Judging by the product reviews online it seems to really work for many women. You can certainly use the Leg Master before getting pregnant, eat well and exercise your whole body, with the main focus on the pelvic floor to get stronger before you are pregnant. It is always a good idea to check with your doctor if you think you may have relevant issues. You are generally recommended not to use this unit during your pregnancy, unless you have been active before. Again, it is best to ask for advice from your doc, also about for after giving birth.

Leg Master Slim Total Body Toning by Fiona Summers

If you feel that your muscles ache after 20 or 30 reps, you don’t need to worry but be happy that the Leg Master is doing its job. You can easily make it compact and fit it in a convenient corner or under your bed. You can keep it in your kitchen or living room and use it whenever you want during the day. The average customer rating is 4.7 out of 5 stars on the day of this page release and there are many positive reviews on other websites. Your color options are black, purple and blue, all at the same price.

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