Loctek U1 Under Desk Upright Stationary Bike

Loctek U1 Under Desk Upright Stationary Bike

Loctek U1 Under Desk Bike Upright Stationary

Loctek U1 is the newer less expensive version of the Loctek U2 model we reviewed before and you may be familiar with. As an under desk vertical stationary indoor bike with a 5.51 pound flywheel that ensures smooth and very quiet riding it has an innovative design and allows you to do a low impact lower body and core exercise when you’re working or studying at your desk and also watching TV or doing other things in a sitting position as a diverse function unit. It looks good in black and orange, is a compact upright bike with a space saving design- a small footprint and will fit in under standard desks (measures 51.2 x 27.5 x 20.5 inches), max user weight it can have is 242.51 pounds (110kg) on its solid heavy duty steel frame (weighs 35.27 pounds and the shipping weight is 41 pounds) and with the folding design and small wheels at the front it can be relocated and stored easily in a convenient part of your house. You can adjust the seat height easily to 5 different positions between 31 to 34 inches by pulling the knob under the seat, for your different needs and accommodates both very short and very tall people- basically everyone.

Loctek U1 Underdesk Vertical Bike

It is claimed by the manufacturer that using the U1 for about 25 minutes will give you the equivalent of a hundred sit-ups or an hour walk on average- and this will depend on the intensity and speed. Your upper body will stay steady when your legs are moving so you can be perfectly focused on your work and you will be working different muscles on your core / abs and lower body. You will be burning calories and fat, toning your under-belly muscles, legs and glutes, increasing blood circulation and stimulating blood and heart vessels, enhancing your posture and it is as simple as sitting on its larger comfortable seat and starting riding after putting your two feet on the pedals. LCD display shows time, speed, distance, calories, ODOmeter, rpm, scan and pulse rate via the sensors on both handles. As you will not need electricity- cables, cords or batteries you can use it anywhere you want and helps save on energy usage. You will have to do a bit of assembly work when you get the bike out of the box by following the instructions in the User Guide- we’re assuming they are provided in the box and if not it is reported to be very simple to put together. You are guaranteed to experience a very smooth and quiet ride as this is an under desk bike that is designed so that it doesn’t interrupt with your work or study.

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