Lontek Compact Electric Motorized Treadmill, 1.75HP Motor Review

Lontek Compact Electric Motorized Treadmill

Lontek Compact Electric Treadmill

Lontek Compact Electric Treadmill is ideal for those with tight spaces in their small flats as it folds up easily 90 degrees for storage. Please note that it is designed and built for home use, and not commercial use.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money or if you’re on a budget and still want a motorized treadmill with a decent running space, Lontek Compact Treadmill is a good one to consider. It has just come out on the market- first appeared in June 2018 at Amazon.com so there is a single 5-star rating and review, plus a few questions answered at the moment.

Lontek has a smart LCD display panel where you can set your speed between 0.5 mph to 7.5 mph (0.8kph to 12 kph) and choose from one of the 12 preset training programs. This is a compact entry-level cardiovascular training unit with a user weight capacity of 220 pounds (100kg) and should be good for you unless you’re very tall or large.

Lontek Compact Treadmill has a space-saving design with a running belt that measures 41 x 14.5 inches and you’ll feel safe and stable on it without much negative impact on your joints or knees, thanks to the built-in damping system. It has the transport wheels at the front underneath and you can roll it after folding the belt towards the display panel at a 90-degree angle.

It has a 1.5 horsepower DC motor (1.1 kW) that delivers power and performance but runs quietly and smoothly. It makes less noise than a standard AC motor, is safer and does not require much maintenance. Lontek Compact Treadmill DisplayYou can see your heart rate at any moment through the display panel linked to the pulse sensors on both sides of the display.

You have the red security clip and cord that is standard to almost all treadmills. You can attach it to your shirt or shorts and in case of a sudden fall or drifting back, the treadmill will stop immediately and safely. There are two grooves on both sides of the LCD display and you can put your small items like mobile phone and water bottle.

We do not recommend checking your phone while on the treadmill, even when walking at a slow pace. But you can listen to music or watch TV while walking, jogging or running as the treadmill runs quietly. Lontek Compact Treadmill doesn’t have an automatic or manual incline but sits at a fixed angle. It is a lightweight and compact treadmill that doesn’t require any assembly (it is pre-assembled) and easy to use as you’ll just take it out of its box, unfold it, put on a few screws and plug it into a power outlet and start using in less than a minute. It should work very well especially for those short on space or without a big budget.

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