Lontek T500 and T600 Folding Electric Treadmills Review

Lontek T500 and T600 Motorised Treadmills

Lontek T500 and T600 Electric Treadmill

Lontek T500 and T600 are compact motorized electric treadmills with 3 horsepower brushless DC motors for walking, jogging or running at home. So both models are designed only for home use and not for commercial gym use by tens of people every day. But they have a sturdy and robust build overall with solid steel frames and decent quality internal and external components.

Being hot new release late 2017 model treadmills we can’t see many customer reviews online but they score 5 / 5 stars out of 4 customer reviews on Amazon.com as of today. Lontek T500 and T600 have slight design differences and appear to have the same price tag at the time of this product review. They come with three manual inclines to give you a bit more challenge when you’re ready for it. The T500 model includes an integrated cooling fan to help you keep cool and comfy during your workout.

You have the MP3 Bluetooth App for both models and decent dual Hi-Fi speakers to keep you entertained. They are compatible with the Fit app that you pair with the treadmill (scan the two dimension QR code at the control panel to download the app) and it will act like your exercise coach, monitoring your performance. The app currently offers you more than 500 running plans created by the fitness experts. You can, of course, adjust or modify them to your personal preferences or needs.

And you will find a total of 12 integrated exercise programs (P1 to P12). So you can go for a longer session and burn more calories. You can adjust your speed and track your heart rate through the sensor and buttons on both handles. They don’t have the auto inclines that you get on commercial modelsLontek T500 and T600 Motorised Treadmill Display, but manual incline at three different angles of 0, 3 and 5 percent which would be adequate for pretty much any home gym user. You need to lift the running belt a bit and switch the bolts on incline stands.

You’ll find item holders on both sides of the 5-inch LCD display to put things like your MP3 player and smartphone in. They weigh 128 pounds, measure 61.8L x 22W x 54H inches as assembled and can be folded easily with the air cylinder folding system and pushed on its transport wheels. The running belt size of 48.5 x 16.5 inches is not bad for jogging and running unless you are very big.

The board is 16mm, the belt is 1.6cm thick and comes with eight-levels patented anti-shock system for much less burden on your lower back, knees, and joints. And you can run at speeds up to 8 mph or 14 kph, which is pretty good. Maximum total user weight capacity of 220 pounds does not seem like a lot, we would have expected more but would still cover a great percentage of adults. And you may want to check out alternative models with higher user weight capacity on the Amazon product page. They come pre-assembled and will need very simple assembly in just ten to twenty minutes on your own.

And the maintenance is quite easy with a single step self-lubrication function- they come with a 30 ml lubricating oil that you need to use when the treadmill doesn’t feel smooth and makes a bit more noise. They are offered with a warranty of two years for the parts and frame and six years for the motor. They look good, are shipped fast and easy to assemble, and easy to fold and transport, have a sturdy construction, do the job well, run quietly with the suspension underneath, are suitable for jogging and running at up to 14 kph speeds and the price is fair.

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