LovShare Height Adjustable 770 lb. 7.3 ft Power Tower Review

LovShare Height Adjustable 770 lb. 7.3 ft Power Tower

LOVSHARE Height Adjustable 770 LBS 7.3 FT Power Tower

This is a solid 7.3 ft power tower by LovShare (XB-363) with a 770 pounds of total weight capacity for performing a variety of resistance training exercises. It is built with the oblate strengthened steel frame, with a construction that conforms to the mechanical engineering rules.

LovShare Power Tower includes a sturdy sit-up bench, a pull-up tower, a push-up bar, a dip station and a standing pull up bar. The height is conveniently adjustable between 58.3 and 87.5 inches (4.9 and 7.3 feet) to accommodate the needs of taller and shorter people. It measures 70.8 x 41 x 87.5 inches overall, the bench is 40 x 20 x 11.8 inches, arm cushion is 11.5 x 5.5 inches with a 51-inch height, and back cushion is 10.5 x 12 inches.

The bench, arm, and back support cushions have the nice foam padding and comfortable enough but are not like one of those commercial grade high-end benches. It is more offered as a bonus here and the price for the whole unit is quite reasonable. Please note that the 770 lb. weight capacity is equal to roughly 350 kg for those that are not familiar with pounds. And with the convenient height adjustment, it should meet the needs of most people. And anyone- men or women, older or younger, at any fitness level can use it comfortably, for whatever workouts they want to do.

LOVSHARE 770 LBS 7.3 FT Power Tower

This power tower has a solid base with a 5mm bottom tube of a size of 50x50mm and solid plastic anti-slip pads on the feet so it won’t shake, wobble, slip or tip over when you’re working out. You can comfortably work on your back, abs- core section, chest, shoulders, leg muscles and abs- core section. The grips on the handles help prevent slipping during your session.

Being a US stock product it is sent usually swiftly via Amazon.com but is fairly simple to assemble on your own as they provide you with the instructions and simple tools you will need, even though the instructions are not the best. It should hold up quite well over the years as the quality of the stand is quite all right.

And depending on what your goals are and at what training level you are, this may save you a bit of money from gym membership fees. You can work out whenever you want, in the mornings before you go to work or when you’re back later in the evenings. If you smell plastic, please just air the room the unit is placed and it should go away in a couple of weeks. It offers great value for money, with functionality, versatility and sturdy build quality. It may be a good starter type home gym equipment or would certainly make a nice addition to what you may already have.

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