Luxwell Af010c Body Vibration Platform Plate Powerboard Machine Review

Luxwell Af010c Body Vibration Platform via Amazon

Luxwell Af010c Body Vibration Platform

Luxwell Af010c is a modern and powerful 1.5 horse power 200 watt motor body vibration platform with an ergonomic construction that works different parts your body with strong oscillating and pivotal vibrations and can be used in reducing cellulite and toning skin if you go on it regularly for a few weeks and therapy of different conditions by using the principle of a natural sequence of body movements, 5 to 10 Hz frequency and 1 to 15mm amplitude. The design is very sleek and attractive and the larger console has two LED displays that show speed (of 20 levels that you can customise for different workout needs and challenge) and time (each cycle is 10 minutes). It is smaller in size, doesn’t take up a lot of space so you can either leave it in a convenient spot in your room or store it away. Luxwell Vibration Plate has security features like the overload current protection, anti-static and anti-jamming, includes a remote control for an easier and more convenient workout so you don’t have to kneel down to reach the panel and buttons.

Luxwell Af010c Body Vibration Platform remote

It mimicks the muscle contractions and whatever happens to your pelvis and core when you’re walking or jogging without you having to do anything physically as it will activate all the muscles of your body without leaving an unattended spot. According to manufacturers of vibrational platforms vibrations will contract and stretch more muscles than ordinary movements, which results in calorie and fat burning with regular use, improving your metabolism and even toning muscles and giving you an even better workout according to the advocates of vibrational therapy and if you can’t work out due to injuries or other problems and your joints are sensitive with different physical conditions, this will help you improve your health. The overall or specific benefits you will get will depend on your expectations and with vibration platforms the benefits may be overly exaggerated by the manufacturers- that is something to watch out for and it will all come down to personal preferences but this is a great unit as far as the vibrational platforms, in terms of design, power, functionality and flexibility.

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