Marcy Deluxe Cage With Bench Review

Marcy Deluxe Cage With Bench

Marcy Deluxe Cage With Bench

Multi-color Marcy Deluxe Cage is an All-in-One home resistance workout system that comes with a solid bench with a multi-position seat pad and comfy contoured roller pads, a low pulley station and a high pulley lat tower with the aircraft rated cables that can stand the 2000 pound tensile strength, and it is quite likely to be the center of your workout in your home gym. It comes with the low pulley support, upper pulley cable crossover with independent motion, an inch of guide rods that are chrome plated, nylon strengthened with sealed bearings, row foot plate support and more.

You can adjust the multi-position seat pad to decline, flat and incline positions to target your chest, shoulder, back and arm muscles at different angles, for example, you can do your decline chest press. Sliding weight post and the leg developer can have a 100 pounds of weight each. The red bar and safety catches are adjustable for height and can accommodate both the 7 ft and 6 ft barbells and the maximum total weight they can carry is 300 pounds, same as the bench user weight capacity, which is 300 lbs. You can use both the 6 and 7-foot barbells with this unit but please make sure you measure them if they will fit before purchasing the bars.

The red, black and silver Marcy Deluxe Cage has a modern All-in-One design offering you a complete workout in the comfort of your home, weighs 156 pounds and measures 84 x 83 x 43 inches overall so you need to have enough space to accommodate the size in your room- is bigger than it looks in the photos and the bench is quite long with the leg extension attachment. You will receive everything in a large single box, with screws labeled but not the cage or the bench. You are better off putting it together with an adjustable wrench for tightening screws (Allen keys are included) and the help of a second person as it can be a bit challenging and risky on your own.

It is nice having the cables as well because they give you more workout options and tall and short people can comfortably use the whole system, which is not often the case with other cages. And people at different levels- beginner, intermediate and advanced can benefit from the unit and is great if you don’t have a lot of time or energy to get to the gym regularly. You can start using it straight away if you already have the weights- Olympic or regular at home or purchase them on at the same time. It is offered with a two-year limited warranty by Marcy so you can have a peace of mind as you’re purchasing a good quality product that is designed to last and a company that stands behind their products.

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