Marcy Deluxe Utility Bench SB-10100 Review

Marcy Deluxe Utility Bench SB-10100 via Amazon

Marcy Deluxe Utility Bench SB-10100

Marcy Deluxe SB-10100 is a multi purpose gym utility bench with very dense boxed upholstery and padding, double stitched vinyl cover, reinforced back pad and foot support with contoured foam rollers  for your comfort and powder coated 14 ga. steel frame for durability (stable and robust) so it will carry you and the very heavy weights you’re holding comfortably. White Marcy Deluxe has a maximum user capacity of 300 pounds, weighs less than 50 pounds and has the measurements of 55 x 18 x 45.5 inches, is compact in size and has a conveniently foldable fold-flat design that makes it easy to store. Being a multifunctional unit giving your flexibility of exercise it lets you target different parts of your body using barbells, dumbells- free weights, your body weight to do ab, tricep and chest exercises with the multiple position backrest and seat angle adjustment options or you can even use it with a rack or squat stand of your choice and perform a great variety of resistance training exercises. It is a very comfortable bench to do your daily workout on: Optimal comfort helping with exercising longer and lifting more and helping you build muscles easier.

Marcy Deluxe Multi-purpose Utility Bench SB-10100

Although Marcy Deluxe is designed for home gym use it is perfectly suitable for commercial gym as well as it has the 300 pound weight capacity due to its very sturdy build quality. You can do four different presses, including military, incline, decline and flat (4 Position Back Pad) and will allow you to work on all parts of your body- upper and lower including legs, arms, chest and abs by also adjusting your seat to have your body in the safest position possible. It was in year 1946 that Walter Marcyan opened his first gyms and six more followed this opening and by the end of 50’s in 1959 Marcy Gymnasium Equipment Company was founded and they designed and built their own fitness equipment for use at their gyms in LA. As a great innovator Marcyan has a few successful patented designs that are still used in both home and commercial gym settings in many new innovative products offered to consumers around the globe. Marcy Deluxe Bench is comfortable, sturdy, versatile, functional, has modern design with great lower back support and decent range of motion of the arms, very reasonable price and is great value for money. It comes with a two year limited warranty by Marcy and this is pretty good as far as the utility benches go and is another indication of its quality with a company supporting its customers after sale.

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