Marcy MWM-6150 150 lb. Stack Home Gym Review

Marcy MWM-6150 150 lb. Stack Home Gym

march 150 lb. stack home gym

Black Marcy MWM-6150 is a modern home gym with a rugged construction of a 14 gauge steel heavy duty tube frame for great workout sessions in the comfort of your home. It includes a 150 lb. selectorized weight stack coated with vinyl for durability and that is encased in a sturdy steel shield, and solid powder coating to prevent scratches and damage. It comes with a leg developer that will let you do leg curls and leg extensions, two function press arm that can be changed easily for pec fly and chest press exercises, and 3.75-inch nylon-reinforced low pulley and high pulley with sealed ball bearings.

Marcy Home Gym is comfy to do great leg exercises on, with the foam roller pads and you can do decent leg exercises. The cables are aircraft rated, have a 2,000 lb. tensile strength and the unit is simple to reconfigure with the no-cable-change design. You can do your whole body or focus on specific parts of your body, use the low and high pulley for a variety of lower and upper body exercises and with the leg extension you can perform your leg exercises to work on your leg muscles. You can see the metal foot plates just in front of the low pulley and will keep you in place when you’re rowing or doing your lower pulley exercises.

The lat bar will let you work on your latissimus dorsi, abs, and triceps. The seat is comfortable enough as the pad is made up of very dense foam in solid vinyl. It weighs 112 pounds and measures 76 x 17 x 6 inches- very well-built but not super heavy or large. The Impex Marcy MWM-6150 model does not come with an arm curl pad. You need to have a look at the MWM-990 model on the Amazon product page throughs the links here if you’d like a home gym that includes and arm curl. It has a rugged and sturdy build and the bench press arms are made of two-inch round steel and will withstand daily use in a home gym setting.

Marcy Home Gym is offered at a reasonable price, easy to set up with the picture instructions in a couple of hours and start using for a variety of exercises to work on different parts of your body, burn calories, and gain lean muscles. You will get a useful exercise poster included in the box if you’re not sure what different exercises you can do with this unit. You do not have to worry about loading or unloading weights as the weight stack has the cables and pulleys connected to it. Marcy is a brand of Impex which was built in 1982 and acquired a few well-known brands and manufactured fitness products for different retailers. It is offered with a two-year warranty by the manufacturer- Impex as a decent backup of its great build quality.

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