Marcy Pro Deluxe Cage System with Weight Bench, PM-5108 Review

Marcy Pro Deluxe Cage System with Weight Bench

Marcy Pro Deluxe Cage System with Weightlifting Bench All-in-One Home Gym Equipment PM-5108

Marcy Pro Deluxe Cage System (PM-5108) is an all in one fitness equipment with a weight bench. It can help you burn calories, build and strengthen muscles and stay fit in the comfort of your home. October 30, 2017 is the date it was first available at and is currently listed in the top 50 best selling home gym systems. It has an average user rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars by 130 customers on the day of this review. 

Black and silver Marcy Pro Deluxe Cage measures 50.75L x 42.25W x 83.75H inches and the bench is 45.5H x 68.25L x 25.75W inches. The package weighs 68kg (150 pounds) and measures 79L x 21.5W x 8H inches. It has a heavy duty construction with an alloy steel frame, being made of very large 14-gauge square tubing with the powder coating for a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds on the bar catch, 100 pounds on the sliding weight post and 100 pounds on the leg developer. And the total user weight capacity for the deluxe cage is 300 pounds. 

It combines structure and performance and you’ll get a guided weight trolley and contoured foam roller pads for comfort. It offers durability, resilience, convenience and comfort during your workout sessions. This All in One Deluxe Cage System is made up of a low pulley station, a high pulley lat tower and a detachable bench. In the upper cage you have the upper pulley, pull-up bar, adjustable pulley bar that you can use high or low, adjustable bar catches and adjustable safety catches. The lower cage includes the lower pulley, 2-inch Olympic guided weight trolley and the pulley accessories included with your purchase. 

The solid utility bench has a 2-inch thick very dense foam padding and a 4-position back rest. This multi-position utility bench can be adjusted to flat, incline and decline positions for chest exercises at different angles. You may use the cage as a squat rack and it lets you do different exercises on a single fitness machine. You’ll find the adjustable bar and safety catches that you can use for the 6-foot and 7-foot Olympic barbells. Different muscles groups can be targetedMarcy Pro Deluxe Cage System on this multifunctional equipment as you do your bench presses, pull ups, leg curls, squats and more for strengthening and toning your muscles.   

The steel frame has the powder coating and is strengthened with the very dense upholstery and resistant to chipping and scratches that can potentially happen by the heavy use. And it should last you a long time as long as you don’t treat it badly. The pulldown can accommodate a lot of weight and if you wish to do rows you need to secure the cage system to the floor or it may slide. The carriage on the lat pull attachment has the one inch posts and you get the sleeves for converting them to Olympic. If you have any issues with one of the parts, you can find the part number on the instructions and call Marcy for ordering it. The warranty offered is two years by Impex Fitness- the manufacturer and you can contact the customer support via the Amazon order page or their email address.   

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