Marcy Pro PM-842 Two-Piece Olympic Weight Bench Review

Marcy Pro PM-842 2 Piece Olympic Weight Bench via Amazon

Marcy Pro Two-Piece Olympic Weight Bench PM-842

Black Marcy Pro PM-842 is a recent release two piece olympic weight bench that fits 7 feet olympic size bar, that is built for home use with an innovative patented design. The club style bench is designed to be portable with a convenient handle and transportation wheels so you can move it around easily- easy manoeuvering and storage. The preacher curl pad and the leg developer for leg curls and leg extensions to work your lower body at different angles are detachable and add a bit more flexibility to your workout routine. Both the backrest and seat are adjustable- seat for height and backrest with 5 different positions- incline, flat and decline, so you can do a variety of chest and shoulder exercises and offers more comfort during your workout. On the solid squat rack you will find the safety catches for bars to let you work out efficiently and adjustable oversized bar holders along with two olympic plate holders on the sides for storing and re-racking them and storage posts for organising your accessories so the clutter will be minimised.

Marcy Pro Two-Piece Olympic Weight Bench PM-842

Marcy Pro PM-842 is a solid and stable unit with a maximum weight capacity for user and barbells of 600 pounds along with crutch support. Two piece fitness system means it can be used as both an independent squat rack and a traditional weight bench. Bench- both the seat and back is foam padded for your comfort and improve the ability to push more.  It is made of steel, vinyl and foam, looks and feels premium, weighs 115 pounds and measures 63 x 26.75 x 46 inches for the whole thing and you will not get any weights included in the package. The preacher arm curl doesn’t have a spot for resting the curl bar so you’ll have to put it back on the floor in between sets for more durability. We like that it is very versatile as a bench and rack with additional bits and pieces and customisability, functional and great quality. It is well built and designed to last many years and includes a 2 year warranty for the frame as a back-up of its quality- both the weight bench and the squat rack are made of heavy duty and solid steel tube frame. Marcy is a well known brand in the fitness industry with five decades of history for both home and commercial use  for consumers around the world.

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