Marcy Pro SM-4903 Smith Machine & Weight Bench All-in-One Station Review

Marcy Pro SM-4903 Smith Machine & Weight Bench

Marcy Pro SM-4903 Smith Machine Weight Bench Home Gym

Marcy Pro SM-4903 by ‎Impex Fitness is a smith machine and weight bench, an all-in-one station for a whole body workout. It is a combination of different resistance building machines that include a power tower, a squat rack, a utility bench and a dedicated landmine workout attachment. And you’ll not need to change between different workout stations.

October 12, 2017 is the date it was first available at and is ranked the 30th best seller among Home Gym Systems. It has an average user rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars by 116 mainly satisfied customers at the time of this post release. It has a heavy-duty tubular steel construction and the powder coating to make it more durable for a 600lb. user weight capacity. There is a solid and durable dual overhead cable pulley system on this cage that lets you do different crossover workouts. 

With a very functional weight bench that includes a very dense 2-inch foam adjustable 4-position seat and a 5-position back pad at up to 79 degrees you can do different exercises like shoulder press, dumbbell press, bench dips, biceps curl, triceps extension, sit-ups and more. You can use this weight bench in flat and incline positions and there is no decline position. The multi-grab pull-up bar on this smith machine lets you perform upper body exercises like the chin-ups, pull-ups and hanging leg raises. And you can attach resistance bands to this bar.  

You can train your whole body with the Marcy Pro Combo Smith machine that lets you perform a variety of exercises for a fit and toned body. This total body workout system includes a smith machine with the linear bearings, a cable routed pulley system and an Olympic free weight rack in a compact, sleek, modern and professional design. You can install it in yourMarcy Pro SM-4903 Smith Machine Weight Bench Home Gym Features garage, basement or your home gym area in your house and it will save you on money and time over time, as you’ll not need to pay for expensive gym fees.

Grey Marcy Pro is made of alloy steel and can carry a total weight of roughly 600 pounds. The smith machine measures 86L x 73W x 85H inches and the bench is 49 x 48 x 27 inches. You can move the bench easily on its transportation wheels when you’re not using it. People at different heights and fitness levels can use it comfortably. The adjustable height power tower dip station with the dip handles allow you to raise or lower the bars for your different workout needs, like developing the tricep or shoulder strength. 

The weight plate posts and the bar holders let you store the weights conveniently, clean up and organise your gear quickly after your workout sessions. You can do your shoulder presses or seated military press with the Smith machine bar at the front or behind your neck. The smith bar weighs 20 pounds. If you want to order replacement parts or have any other questions or issues please contact the customer support team of Marcy Pro. You can only use the 2-inch size Olympic size weight plates and not the 1-inch ones. You’ll get it shipped to your address in 4 boxes, unassembled and you’ll need to do the assembly preferably with the help of a second person. 

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