Marcy SB-10510 Flat Bench Review

Marcy SB-10510 Flat Bench via Amazon

Marcy SB-10510 Flat Bench

Marcy SB-10510 is a 2015 model new release flat bench for general workout purposes with a solid build quality of a big diameter (2 inch x 4 inch square 14 gauge) steel tubing that is great for hard workouts, with a powder coated finish and a low profile compact design made of high density foam with a large and 2.5 inch thick pad for your comfort when you are exercising and it will look as good as new for many years to come if you take good care of it. The maximum it can carry is 600 pounds of weight- including the user and dumbbell weight.

Marcy SB-10510 Flat Bench weighs 32 pounds and measures 44 x 17 x 19 inches when completely assembled so it is not very heavy despite being stable and will not take up much space in your room- compact, quick and easy to set up so you can start lifting weights straight away. The good thing about buying a bench or other fitness equipment at home is you don’t have to pay membership fees and leave your house to go to a gym and do your daily workout, you can just work with your dumbbells without losing time and money and work out in the comfort of your home, complete your whole routine on the same bench as there are many different exercises you can do on it for both free weights- resistance training and strength training. It is a low profile bench with a 2.5 inch thick foam pad with durable vinyl boxed upholstered build to help keep your body firm when you’re working out so you won’t feel like you are sinking into it and it won’t feel hard on your body (supportive and not soft).

Marcy SB-10510 Flat Bench

It is designed for general workout purposes and mainly with free weights- dumbbells. As a heavy duty bench with thick tubing on the legs for extra security, stability and balance and stays put with its heavy weight and footprint and flat feet rather than rounded- it will not move around. SB-10510 Bench doesn’t feel or look cheap and is backed up by a great 2 year warranty by the manufacturer- Marcy. For the price level it seems to be a good fitness product to buy and leaves a great impression for the Marcy brand for those that are not very familiar with it. Marcy Gymnasium Equipment Company has about five and a half decades of history as it was built by the competition body builder Walter Marcyan (that owned several strength training gyms- first one was opened in 1946) in 1959 and has been creating professional grade home fitness products with patented designs ever since- innovative and durable products that can be used in both home applications and commercial settings.

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