Marcy SB-350 Adjustable 6 Position FID Deluxe Utility Bench Review

Marcy Impex SB-350 6 Position FID Deluxe Utility Bench

Marcy SB-350 Adjustable 6 Position Utility Bench

Marcy Impex Deluxe SB-350 is an adjustable, very dense foam padded utility bench with 6 positions and a leg developer. As one of the most popular workout benches at it is reviewed and rated by 261 customers that purchased it. And there are many answered questions about the product that you may wish to have a look.

You may purchase this Marcy Deluxe as multi-color or white and the prices are similar, depending on which seller you choose to get it from. The back pad can be adjusted to six positions with a safe sawtooth back pad adjustment mechanism, depending on the angle you want to work out at. So you can do your seated dumbbell exercises in decline, flat and different incline positions.

This great adjustable utility bench is not just for your upper body either, as you can use the dual position leg developer to work on your lower body as well- your quadriceps, hamstrings and glutei. It feels comfortable to work out on thanks to the high level foam padding and you can feel safe on its powder-coated sturdy steel frame that functions without wobbling as long as you do not exceed the total weight limit of roughly 300 pounds. The dual leg developer has the foam roller pads with a vinyl cover and powder coating.

You can tilt back and move this utility bench in any part of your house easily on its solid wheels by holding the handle at the front of the bench. It will help you achieve more with less- by using minimum amount of equipment. You’ll be able to perform a good number of exercises with dumbbells or your own body weight on this versatile bench. You can customize your exercise with different angles of the saw-tooth adjustment at the back. There are also two positions or angles you can adjust the seat to, which are flat and incline for targeting certain muscle groups efficiently.

The sleek and modern Marcy Impex SB-350 weighs 50.2 pounds and measures 46 x 23 x 66 inches. A part of the leg attachment is removable with a knob that you screw and unscrew when you think it may get in the way of your dumbbell exercises. The leg attachment also has two height settings, whichever makes you feel more comfy. It is quite a sturdy and durable bench that you can feel Marcy SB-350 Adjustable Utility Bench safe and stable on. You can adjust the angles to hit hams at different angles and also do leg curls comfortably with the leg attachment by laying on your stomach. The bench is roughly 18 inches off the floor, for you to get an idea if it would suit your height.

With a total weight capacity of 300 pounds it may not be suitable for very big people to lift heavy weights on. But overall it is a very solid bench, especially for the price level. We reckon people that are 6 feet and shorter will be OK on this one. If you are a very big guy that lifts very heavy weights, then your best bet will be commercial level benches that cost a few hundred dollars. The angle can be adjusted to 90 degrees and you can perform your military presses. The decline position on the backrest is achieved when you lift the ratchet out of the track and feels as stable as the flat and incline positions.

It is designed for home gym use and not for commercial gym settings where tens of people light weights on every day. The hinge bolt on the leg attachment sticks out a little and can touch the inside of the knee. This one is not very easy to assemble, especially with the very few tools they provide. But the instructions are clear if you have the extra tools at home to make things easier. You’re getting very good value for money, in terms of versatility, adjustability, sturdy construction, stability, ease of assembly, ease of use, nice looks and more. *Walter Marcyan was the central AAU Light Heavyweight Lifting Champion at the age of 19. And after a long fitness and body building career he founded the Marcy Gymnasium Equipment Company in 1959.

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