Marcy Stack Multifunction Steel Home Gym, MKM-81010 Review

Marcy Stack Multifunction Steel Home Gym, MKM-81010

Marcy Multifunction Steel Home Gym

Marcy Stack Gym (MKM-81010) is a multifunctional home gym with a steel construction and premium look and feel for resistance training and building, strengthening and toning muscles in the comfort of your home. April 13, 2015 is the date it first appeared at and is ranked the 36th best selling home gym system. 

This complete home workout system offers a 200 pound total weight resistance for a comprehensive whole body workout, training different muscle groups. You can feel comfortable during your sessions as it has the very dense foam with the densely boxed vinyl upholstery, and safe with the lock on the weight stack and robust steel protective stack cover. This premium home gym is built with a 14 gauge, 2 x 2.5” steel tube frame and has the black powder and vinyl coating on the weights for enhanced durability. It is suitable for use by people- men and women at different fitness levels and ages. 

You can conveniently train your pecs with the multi-functional arm press with two functions and you can have an efficient upper body workout by doing chest presses and vertical butterflies by just switching the lock knob. And the stack gym is large enough to do your rows as you sit backwards. You’ll find an arm curl that you can adjust to your body type or needs, as well as a double function leg developer for training your leg muscles, more specifically your quadriceps. With the pivot point you can align your knee joints when moving your legs and they are kept in a proper position without any awkwardness that could cause an injury.

It comes with the comfortable foam roller pads with an ergonomic design and a preacher curl pad for you to do your arm curls better by focusing on the form. You can use dumbbells or weights for training your biceps on this preacher curl pad that keeps you in a comfy position without any unwanted strain. The lower pulley can be used for targeting your back muscles.  The lat pull-down that you get in this home gym allows you to do your lat pulldowns or pullovers for trining your shoulders and backMarcy Multifunction Steel Home Gym Exercises muscles and core section. The 200 pounds of weight plate stack offers plenty of resistance for your different workouts. Please note that 200lbs of weights offer a total of 270 pounds of bench press resistance.

There is also a lock for the weight stack for preventing usage without your permission and for your safety during your session. And you have about 20 different exercises you can do on this home gym station. If you don’t like or have time to get to gym every day and prefer to train at home this Marcy Stack Gym may well work for you with its multifunctional and space saving design as it measures 85H x 73L x 41D inches and weighs 84 pounds. You can either train your whole body in a session or focus on a single major muscle group at a time. Marcy Stack Gym is shipped unassembled but is easy to put the pieces together as you’ll get the hardware and the instructions included in the package. The warranty offered is 90 days for this home gym by ‎Impex Inc. and you can contact the customer service team with any queries. 

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