MarKnig OutRoad Ash Wood Water Rowing Machine Rower Review

MarKnig OutRoad Ash Wood Water Rower  

MarKnig Outroad Rowing Machine

MarKnig OutRoad Water Rowing Machine is an ash wood cardio fitness equipment that uses water in the polymer  water tank as the resistance mechanism. It was released very recently and there aren’t many customer reviews yet but appears to be a decent product with a premium look and feel and a solid construction.

You’ll get it shipped to your address in two packages that you may receive on different dates. There is a multifunctional highly visual LCD display panel that gives you the regular rower fitness data of strokes per minute/SPM, count, total count, distance traveled (km & miles), time exercised, calories burned and Scan. It has the Up and Down, Mode, On/Off and Reset buttons. By keeping track of these stats you can stay motivated to achieve your fitness goals.

OutRoad Water Rowing Machine has a beautiful appearance and a robust and durable construction and a frame that can carry up to 300 pounds of user weight, which should cover a good percentage of the adults. It weighs 74.8 pounds and measures 83L x 22W x 21H inches, you can store it easily in an upright position, at 90 degrees which will save you on space especially if you live in a small flat. You can assemble the rower easily by following the simple steps on the instructions and using the tools included.

Makrolon water tank is made of aero-grade polycarbonate polymer and you can row to the sound of water with an authentic feeling of rowing in a river or a lake. This polycarbonate water tank is resistant to wear and high temperature and the service life is increased. The molded seat has an ergonomic design and feels comfortable, handle is nicely padded and offers you a firm and comfy grip and the footplates with straps will keep your feet in place and are adjustable for height.

The water rower is easy to hold and use and offers a low impact workout without much burden on your joints and to minimize the risk of knee injuries. You can adjust the height and the angle of the digital display to your height and for comfy viewing. It will help increase your heart rate, burn calories and fat, shape your whole body including your arms, chest, legs, hips, outroad rower LCD Displaythighs, core section, waist and back. The rower has the anti-slip bottom section and you can move it on its transportation wheels at the front bottom easily and effortlessly.

MarKnig OutRoad Water Rower is designed for home gym use to give you a real and challenging experience of being on water, and it is ideal for daily use whenever you want in the comfort of your home. It moves smoothly and quietly on the aluminum sliding rail and you can feel safe and stable. The strong fiber belt is quite robust and durable and will withstand even your very intense rowing sessions. Rowing involves different muscles of your body, not just your back and it can make you burn up to 1200 calories in intense sessions, when you can burn 700 calories with cycling and 250 calories with walking.

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