MARNUR Water Rowing Machine Rower Review

MARNUR Water Rowing Machine Rower 

Marnur Rower Display Panel

MARNUR Water Rowing Machine is a high-end, solid and portable fitness equipment with water resistance on double tracks, for men and women at any age or fitness level. It has a good size LCD-backlit smart display with multiple functions and a large padded molded seat for your comfort over longer sessions.

The double track aluminum structure with a prime steel head that you see in the product photos offer greater stability and safety as you row back and forth. The total user weight capacity is quite high at 300 pounds on this sturdy rowing machine, thanks to having double tracks rather than a single track. And it runs very quietly and smoothly while feeling comfortable and stable on this durable aluminum structure. You will certainly feel safe on it.

The water resistance of this rowing machine is adjustable by how much water you put in the completely sealed polypropylene tank that has an 18 liter capacity. There is a supplementary water pipe and a water injection port that you can replace the clean water through. The transparent polypropylene water tank is properly sealed and looks light, while being robust and durable and resistant against both corrosion and impact. The resistance is also determined by your rowing speed and the paddle dimensions.

The modern multifunctional 9-inch size LCD panel with an ergonomic design is angle adjustable to accommodate the users of different heights. It shows the standard rowing indicators of stroke count, actual rowed distance, calories burned, rowing frequency, distance goal and more. The anti-slip foot pedals are very good quality and adjustable for shoe size and feel firm even during tough and challenging workouts. It helps stabilize your legs more for you to concentrate on your workout session. You never need to worry about your feet slipping off the pedal.

Marnur Rowing Machine

The non-slip bottom of the rower will support it nicely, helping with less footprint and make it safer for people in your house, especially the little ones. The foot pedals are adjustable to 6 levels and with the foot straps you’ll feel safe with your feet staying in place. The seat is large and ergonomically designed, molded and curved to fit your body nicely and you can row for longer. The handle bars are also comfortable with a foam filling and anti-slip design to help increase your motion range.

You will build endurance with the low to medium rowing and enhance power with quick rowing. Rowing is a low impact type of workout with little pressure or burden on your joints and makes a great workout type for those on rehab. With each contraction in rowing you’ll feel a decent muscle contraction and extension. And overall almost 85% of your muscles will be affected. This is kind of an aerobic or cardiovascular workout as you adjust the rowing frequency by how quick you pull. You can move it easily on its porting wheels at the bottom and store it on a wall in an upright position. It is good for use both indoors and outdoors as long as it is not exposed to rain or harsh weather conditions.

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