MaxKare Elliptical Climber Stepping Training Machine with 3PCS Cranks Review

MaxKare Elliptical Climber Exercise Stepping Trainer

MaxKare Elliptical Climber Exercise Trainer

MaxKare Elliptical Climber  Stepper is a multifunctional cardiovascular training machine with a 15.4 lbs. flywheel, magnetic resistance, and 3-piece curve cranks technology for indoor use, at home or wherever you want to exercise. It is a robust trainer with a solid steel frame and great welding and can carry a total user weight of 220 pounds (100kg).

MaxKare Elliptical Trainer combines the striding and stepping in a single movement and works on your different leg muscles, core, hips, arms and waist section as you pedal back and forth. You get a great whole body workout on this elliptical trainer with an oval path with the synchronized handles and the stepper motion. It has a vertical, space saving design that won’t take up much space in your living room. You have a multifunctional trainer that is made up of an elliptical trainer, exercise stepper and a vertical climber.

You can climb and perform your tough strides smoothly with the 7kg (15.4lbs) heavy front flywheel. This elliptical will not shake or wobble when you’re having an intense workout, thanks to its robust steel frame and good welding technology. Maximum total weight it can carry is 220lbs or 100kg, so it is not really a commercial grade unit that could have very heavy adults or handle use by tens of people in a gym setting. It has the the 3PCS curve cranks technology and you can get your upper body involved by holding onto the outer handles as well as your lower body with each stride.

And you will view your workout data on the LCD-backlit display as you hold the fixed inner handles. You have the indicators of current speed, distance traveled, time exercised, calories burned and pulse rate through the left and right sensors. By increasing and staying in your target heart rate zone you will be burning more calories in the same amount of time, efficiently. There are 8 levels of magnetic resistance and you can adjust the exercise intensity to what you can handle through the tension knob. It runs very smoothly and quietly with the magnetic resistance and good size flywheel.

You have a water bottle holder for easy access to your drink when you’re thirsty and stay hydrated. And there is also a tablet holder on the display panel for your smartphone or tablet and you can watch workout or other videos or listen to music and exercise longer. This climber trainer is claimed to offer more challenge and create more heat than a standard elliptical trainer and burn more calories and fat. And if you have any problems or pain on your knees or joints, this one will not be suitable for you. Having said that it is gentle on your joints with its very smooth operation. As you use your feet on the pedals it will feel like walking up the stairs.

It has an ergonomic design and feel comfortable with its large footplates and anti-slip foam grip handles. You can feel safe and stable on its solid metal frame and your feet will stay put on the textured anti-slip foot pedals during the hard workouts. MaxKare Elliptical Climber weighs 83.6 pounds (38kg) and measures 37.6L x 27.6W x 62.2H inches. The stride length is MaxKare Elliptical Climber Exercise Trainer 3pcs 220lbs12.2 inches and the users between the heights of 4’9″ and 6’5″ (short and very tall adults) can use it comfortably. It has the transport wheels at the front to be moved easily to a convenient spot when you’re done with your workout.

In the box you’ll find the elliptical climber, user manual and tools and accessories for the assembly. It is easy to assemble in about 45 minutes if you follow the instructions carefully and even better if you have a second person helping you. Overall it is a modern, sturdy cardio workout equipment that works better even than an elliptical trainer with the climbing and stepping functions and help you burn more calories and fat. It works quietly and smoothly, offers good range of motion and feels solid and you’ll get a good workout in the comfort of your home. It is rated a decent 4.7 out of 5 stars by 7 users on the day of this review. And we are happy to recommend it at the current price level.

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