MaxKare Magnetic Hydraulic Rowing Machine Folding Rower with Full-Motion Arms Review

MaxKare Magnetic Hydraulic Rowing Machine

MaxKare Magnetic Hydraulic Folding Rowing Machine

MaxKare Magnetic Hydraulic Rowing Machine is a foldable cardiovascular fitness equipment with the 12-levels of adjustable hydraulic resistance, full motion arms and LCD-backlit display panel for working out comfortably at home. This number one new release rower that first appeared at on November 23, 2020 is rated 4.4 out of 5 stars by 22 users on the day of this product review with mainly the positive ratings.

It has a robust and durable aluminum frame which can carry a total of 300 pounds of maximum user weight. This magnetic hydraulic rowing machine will help you burn calories and fat, increase your endurance and strengthen and tone different muscles on your legs, arms, core section, buttocks and back. It offers a nice and effective low impact whole body workout without putting much burden on your knee or ankle joints, in fact less than jogging or running on a treadmill or cycling on a bike. And you shouldn’t really fear any injuries as long as you maintain the right posture. It will even help strengthen your back rather than hurting it if you do it right.

The large full motion arms that you see in the product photos simulate the oars on a real canoe, giving you a realistic rowing feeling. You can customize your workout by adjusting the tension knob to 12 levels of hydraulic resistance for different difficulty and challenge levels. You’ll row smoothly and quietly without disturbing your family, neighbors or yourself and listen to music or watch videos during your rowing session. The large molded seat and the hand grips with the very dense foam are comfortable with an ergonomic design, especially for your longer rowing sessions. This seat slides smoothly and easily on the aluminum rowing beam.

The multi-functional LCD display tracks your workout stats of calories burned, time exercised, reps per minute, stroke count and total strokes. It also has the Scan mode that shows these data one by one on the screen every 6 seconds without you pressing anything manually. The textured anti-slip footplates with two positions have the adjustable straps to keep your feet in place during your tough rowing sessions. It measures 54.3L x 20W x 9.3H inches and has a¬†conveniently foldable design (foldable arms) to be stored vertically against a wall once you’reMaxKare Magnetic Hydraulic Folding Rower done with your session. It is also lightweight because of the lack of a heavy flywheel and can be moved around, from room to room easily.

The thickly padded curved seat offers a decent lumbar support when you’re rowing with the seat gliding smoothly on the strong and robust aluminum beam. The long glide rails on this rowing machine helps accommodate users of different sizes and heights (51″ to 77″). The pivoting arms are flexible and they can open wide or you can pull them narrow, straight towards you, depending on your choice. MaxKare Magnetic Hydraulic Rower¬†is reported to be easy to assemble but some had difficulty with lining up the spots etc, and they took a star or two off their 5-star ratings. The digital display panel is not the most accurate for the distance but it is not often that you’ll get an LCD display on a low cost rower anyway. This one seems to offer very decent value for the dollar.

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