MaxKare Water Rowing Machine Rower with Water Resistance Review

MaxKare Water Rowing Machine

MaxKare Water Rower Parts

MaxKare Water Rower is a modern 2019 model fitness machine for home use with a large LCD display. As a very recent release best seller, the average rating is 5 out of 5 stars by 2 customers. It is designed to mimic the real and challenging rowing experience on water with its decent water resistance.

With an ergonomic design all over it is comfortable to hold and easy to operate. All adults can use this rowing machine comfortably as long as they weigh under 264 pounds, as this solid and durable steel main frame can carry around that much weight. We think this would be great for those intermediate and advanced rowers that want the realistic rowing in the comfort of their homes.

The beginner rowers will also be fine on this modern rowing machine. The large LCD display panel shows the distance traveled, calories burned, strokes, strokes per minute- SPM, and the time exercised. There is also the man-machine competition mode to make your exercise session heaps more interesting. The LCD display can be adjusted to different angles easily for the optimal viewing during your workout to track your progress.

The built-in pulleys let you fold the treadmill easily and move on its transportation wheels. You can store it in a vertical position against a wall with the integrated security support when you’re not using it. The footplates’ length can also be adjusted with the 5 pairs of holes. The foot straps will help keep your feet in place. The transport wheels are at the front and the stabilizers are located at the back to keep the rower level to the floor. So you can feel safe and stable on this machine.

MaxKare Water Rowing Machine LCD Monitor

The large seat is nicely padded to make you feel comfortable over the lengthy sessions. You also have the foam padded handles that are comfy to hold, to give you a wide range of motion and get a great upper body workout. The water container should be filled less than the two thirds, depending on what you want to achieve. It is portable and you’ll be saving on space by placing it in an upright position.

There is even a water bottle holder to keep your bottle within easy reach and you can stay hydrated during your workout session. Please note that you will be producing force through your feet, legs, hips and arms when you row. But rowing is still a leg dominant exercise even though it is called a rower. Please follow the rowing instructions given on the Amazon product page. You can put the pieces together within just half an hour just by yourself as you’ll get the tools and the assembly info in the box. Overall you’re getting very good value for the dollar.

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