MDEAM Under Desk Portable 2HP Treadmill Walking Pad Review

MDEAM Under Desk 2HP Treadmill Walking Pad

MDEAM Under Desk Portable Treadmill

MDEAM Under Desk Treadmill is a compact and portable walking pad with a 2 horsepower motor, a digital LED-backlit monitor, a smart remote control, quiet operation for office use and also in the comfort of your home. It first became available at on July 21, 2021 and there is currently a single 5-star rating on the website.

It is currently the 37th best selling treadmill on the website. And you can purchase it in two color options of blue or grey with only a 4-dollar price difference at the time of this product review. The materials used are alloy steel for the frame and solid ABS plastic. Mdeam UnderDesk Treadmill weighs 60 pounds and measures 56L x 23W x 5H inches and it can have a total maximum user weight of 300 pounds. It does not require any assembly and will only take up 0.09m² of your space.

With the 2 horsepower motor you can walk or jog at the speeds between 0.3 miles per hour to 4mph. This motor has a decent amount of power and also happens to be a very low decibel one to not disturb people in the house or office. MDEAM Under Desk Treadmill has the robust rubber struts on the steel frame for great shock absorption, offering a low impact workout without much burden on your joints, knees, hips or lower back. And you can have a rather comfortable jogging or running all day long at work or whenever you want at home.

MDEAM Under Desk Treadmill Features

You may adjust the speed between 0.3 & 4mph or stop and start the treadmill through the smart infrared remote control when you’re walking or jogging. A pleasant, comfortable and safe ride is guaranteed. The solid load bearing tread belt is quite comfortable with the 5 polymer layers for properly cushioning your joints or knees. With no installation needed, you can pretty much use this treadmill after the unpacking. You can move it easily on its rollers at the bottom and store it under your bed or sofa.

It holds different certifications like IEC, CB, EN857, CE and ROHS and you shouldn’t have any concerns about its quality. There is a safety buckle that can be pulled to stop the treadmill safely in case of an emergency. Or you just stop it through the smart remote control. The only maintenance needed is oiling of the tread belt when needed by following the instructions. You will hear a beep sound when it first starts and then it will be almost totally silent. Mdeam Under Desk Treadmill is shipped from a warehouse within the US and delivered fat to your address. It is offered with a year of quality assurance and the customer service is helpful and can be contacted if and when you need any assistance.

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