Merax 2 in 1 AB Cruncher Power Fitness Abdominal Trainer 5 Minute Shaper Review

Merax 2 in 1 AB Cruncher- 5 Minute Shaper


Merax 2 in 1 Power Fitness Ab Trainer “5 Minute Shaper” combines an ab cruncher and a sit-up bench, offering you different ways to work and tone your core / abdominal section and is suitable for use by both men and women of different age groups. The rail with low-friction rollers that you see on photos will let you do reverse crunches which would also exercise your legs, hips, arms, backs as well as your core muscles. By changing the angles you will be choosing a variety of tension and intensity levels and you can go from easy to challenging slowly. Unlike any ab cruncher or trainer we’ve seen so far, it includes an LCD display panel that shows the distance, time, calories burned and count and you can reset it whenever you want. It weighs 28 pounds and despite being relatively heavy duty with a strong steel frame and a user weight capacity of 264 pounds, it has a folding design that makes it more compact, so you can relocate and store it easily in a convenient part of your house- under your bed or in your closet.


Men and women can comfortably use this ab trainer- “sit-up bench and ab cruncher”, to do ab exercises, reverse crunches and sit ups, about five minutes a day, for better- toned and flat abs, hard thighs and buttocks. This unit has a tension knob which is not common in many other basic ab cruncher bench models and you can tilt the slide  by using the solid metal safety pin, to increase the levels of resistance slowly as you go along, to get the intensity up from easy to more challenging. Rail with low friction roller lets you do reverse crunches for toning your core section, biceps, triceps, legs, hips and back. The foam pads feel solid and they have proper padding for you to feel more comfortable during your workout session. You can rest on your knees and with the support of rollers you can pull your body up. Contents of the box include all the parts to be assembled including the main frame, a AAA battery, an LCD display and a User Manual.

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