Merax Deluxe Foldable Utility Weight Bench Review

Merax Deluxe Foldable Utility Weight Bench

merax deluxe weight bench

Merax Deluxe is an adjustable utility weight bench that can be used in flat, incline and decline positions. You can adjust the back pad and seat to different angles , so you can hit your body parts at various angles.

Merax Deluxe is built solid and sturdy and is suitable for home and light commercial use. It has a conveniently space-saving design, is foldable and includes transport wheels at the rear when you want to move it out of sight and store. You can fold it down and up very easily in just a few seconds.

It is promoted as an FID, sit up and ab incline utility bench as a robust home gym equipment for you to perform a variety of exercises at home. It looks nice in black, has a sturdy steel frame and dense foam padding covered in vinyl. As a very sturdy product it has an impressive maximum weight capacity of 800 pounds (according to the manufacturer- we don’t know in practice) and measures 60″ x 22″ x (18.3 – 50.4″).

The padding on the seat and the backrest is firm and thick and covered with solid and durable textured vinyl to offer your body plenty of support. It is comfortable to sit or lie on and exercise for a longer period of time. The back can be adjusted to six and the seat to four different positions for your whole body workout. There is a leg hold-down brace that is removable, so you have it in da safe decline position.

merax deluxe foldable weight bench

It is quite a functional and versatile fitness equipment. So you can use it to just work on your abdominals to do different dumbbell or barbell exercises, or to even put it into a power cage if you wish to bench press at different angles. When you do your ab crunches you will feel no strain on your lower back or neck.

It is shipped quite fast via, judging by the reviews online and you should receive it within 2-3 days. You will get the instructions with drawings and necessary tools in the package and it is easy to put the parts together. If you are not very familiar with the assembly stuff it will be easier to do it with the help of another person. And you can start with your exercise program straight away.

You can perform a total of more than 30 different exercises. It may be a good idea to get a floor mat to put underneath the bench to protect your floors, which you will be offered with your purchase on the Amazon product page. Merax Deluxe works as it is promoted, feels quite sturdy and durable, has a premium feel with the silver color steel frame and thick foam padding with vinyl, is compact in size, has a foldabe and space-saving design and is offered at a competitive price.

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