Merax Dual Motor 3D Vibration Platform Fitness Machine Review

Merax Dual Motor 3D Vibration Platform


The latest release Merax 3D Vibration Platform is quite modern, user-friendly and powerful with two motors and a solid silica mat surface. It gives you the feeling that you’re surfing or swaying with the dual motor 3D mode vibrations and you can actually adjust the settings manually or automatically as there are three integrated settings with time and speeds pre-set and the ability to choose three intensities of walking, jogging and running with three sport effects, depending on where you place your feet on the surface. Main purposes of using such vibration platforms are fat and calorie reduction, muscle relaxation, enhanced blood circulation, reduced stress, improved balance, soothing insomnia, improving digestion, activating joints, increasing bone density and rehabilitating injuries. The vibrations generated by the platform cause contraction in muscles and is believed to give you a proper workout, but this is obviously open to discussion. And we think it will be useful when combined with a regular fitness workout and healthy eating plan, then we can talk about burning calories and toning muscles.


Merax 3D is designed for home use rather than commercial, looks thin and sleek overall and you have a premium looking and feeling non-slip detachable silica mat on the platform. It has a stylish streamline design, is stable and well-balanced, has an ergonomic construction, weighs 46 pounds with a maximum user weight capacity of 264 pounds and measures 31.5 x 17.7 x 6 inches, and includes transportation wheels for being easily carried and stored. The four suction cups underneath that attach to the floor keep the unit in place when it is vibrating, so you have that extra stability and potential noise is prevented. It comes with added security features like the disturbance and static electricity resistance and current overload protection. The feet underneath are retractable for you to adjust the height to your needs and maintain the balance. Something that is common to many compact vibration platforms is the yoga straps to allow you to work on your upper body but this is really just an additional feature with some benefit and do not expect to build solid muscles by holding the straps on a vibration plate. Swaying or surfing feeling it gives, also makes it a heaps more exciting experience and it is quite nice to be able to customise your vibration sessions. The console is quite user-friendly as easy to operate, even for those that are new to such units.

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