Merax Dual Motor Dual Mode Vibration Platform Fitness Machine Review

Merax Super Vibration Platform via Amazon

Merax Dual Motor Dual Mode Vibration Platform Fitness Machine

The brand new Merax super vibration platform works with both oscillation and horizontal movement, with two modes and double eco silent drive motors of 1000 watt power (2 x 500W) and with an impressive total of 99 speeds. It can be used as an effective fitness equipment (burning calories, losing fat and weight, muscle toning and building), decreasing cellulite, enhancing blood circulation, massage (you will find a nice display of different massage poses on top of the vibration platform), relaxation, improving digestive system by stimulating your intestines, increasing bone density, rehabilitating injuries, relieving arthralgia and for pain relief purposes. Yoga straps are included in the package and you can use them to work on or massage different parts of your body and you get a powerful exercise with a very decent range of movement (yoga straps especially aim the arms and upper body). You will also find the integrated speakers as well as USB, iPod and MP3 inputs underneath on the sides but there is no LED flash light on this model. If you are pregnant or have any health problems that should require you to be careful with any exercise machine or vibration platforms, consult your health professional prior to use.

Merax Dual Motor Dual Mode Vibration Platform

Merax Vibration Machine has certain built-in security features like disturbance and static electricity resistance and current overload protection. But please don’t put any objects or finger as this can be risky (potential trapping hazard) on the side of the vibration platform remember to unplug the unit when you’re not using it. Maximum power is specified at 1.5 horse power, works on 110 volts / 60 Hz of voltage and 0 to 10mm amplitude and the maximum weight it can carry is 300 pounds, which is  quite all right. It is very easy to run as you just need to press the start button to start the vibration, select the mode, speed and time but please do not use it for more than 15 minutes at a time. You will find the same operational and sound/volume buttons on the remote control.You’ll find the Merax VM, user guide, remote control (so you don’t need to go down to change speed or to run it on and off) and upper body straps in the box. This is a great unit that lets you do a good variety of exercises for your different body parts and you can use it sitting, standing or lying down and the price seems right. Because it is a very recent release product there aren’t many reviews by customers yet but Merax seems to offer great quality fitness equipment at reasonable prices.

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