Merax Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike with Pad Bracket Review

Merax Magnetic Upright Bike with Pad Bracket via Amazon

Merax Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike with Pad Bracket

This specific Merax Upright Exercise Bike is a recent release solid and budget unit with magnetic resistance system, is folding type, has a robust steel frame to help with the maximum amount of resistance possible and has a nice looking design with a pad bracket. You can have as much challenge as you want by adjusting tension control to change the cardiovascular workout intensity- up or down as you go along and as much as you can handle but all within the low impact limits, with the smoothly functioning magnetic resistance system. Pad bracket is quite a nice addition to the smart ergonomic design of this low-cost budget exercise bike and it will help keep you entertained while you’re exercising, which means you will not get bored. Merax Upright Bike has an easy to use integrated digital display that shows you the distance, time, speed or calories burned (and the mode, reset and set buttons underneath) but not the pulse rate as there are no sensors on handles, which comes down to the low price of the bike and the solid durable quality that you’re getting for your money.

Merax Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike with Pad Bracket

The tension knob is located just in the middle of the seat and LCD display and is very easy to reach during your exercise without having to get off the seat. The handles are not adjustable but are foam-covered and the seat is both adjustable for height and comfortable foam so you can ride the bike for longer. White and black Merax Upright Bike weighs just 44.5 pounds, has a small footprint as an advantage of being a compact upright bike and the maximum it can carry is 220 pounds. As a conveniently foldable bike, the seat folds forward and the bottom part narrows down to take up even less space than it already does. It should be suitable for users at all levels and as a low impact bike it will not be much of a burden on your joint or knees and is great for giving you the freedom to exercise whenever you want an in any weather condition. It works mainly on your lower body and legs but especially the calories you burn will affect your whole body, you will slim down all over if your goal is losing weight or you will be toning your legs nicely. Thanks to the foot straps on the pedals you’ll be able to ride both ways- up and downstroke. Warranty by the manufacturer/distributor is 90 days for the parts and 12 months for the steel frame so you can have some peace of mind too.

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