Merax Inversion Therapy Table with Comfort Foam Backrest Review

Merax Foldable Premium Gravity Inversion Table

Merax Inversion Therapy Table with Comfort Foam Backrest

Merax Inversion Therapy Table is designed for relaxing back muscles that support the vertebrae, reducing back pain, improving posture, circulation, flexibility and range of motion, relieving muscle pain, toning and developing core muscles, elongating spine, maintaining your height, increasing mental alertness, reducing the effect of aging and reducing stress by suspending your body in a controllable and comfy motion. It offers great stability and durability with the stationary steel tubular platform frame and comfort with the foam backrest.

Merax Inversion Therapy Table weighs 61 pounds, measures 59 x 28 x 41 inches and can carry a maximum user weight of 300 pounds and is easily adjustable within a height range of 4’10” to 6’3” with the deluxe double pin to get to the right position easily and it is designed to be folded up to be moved around or stored away easily. One of the main reasons for back pain is spinal compression with muscle imbalances and gravity putting pressure on the spinal discs with inner core of these discs offering cushioning and flexibility when you’re sitting, standing or exercising. Inversion therapy helps treat back pain by reducing the influence of gravity reducing the compression and vertebrae and discs and letting the muscles and ligaments that encase the spine to relax, relaxing pressure on spinal cord’s nerve roots and ligaments and giving them room to breathe. As you would be aware this being an inversion table you will be completely or partially hanging your body in an upside down position to stretch your spine and more so go for this table if you don’t have a problem with being in an upside down position.

Merax Inversion Therapy Table

There is a lot of medical research out there that supports the use of inversion therapy for back pain by increasing the space between discs of the spine. It is very easy to use as you just lie on your back (rest your body against the pad), lock your feet behind the ankle supports, tighten the safety straps, reach your arms over your head and go from upright position to move gradually to almost complete inversion or as far back as you want to go with the gravity and your energy. And you can control the motion of the inversion table by the convenient pivot arms on both sides which also help with maximum stretching and adjustable ankle cuffs with the lower spring-loaded pull pin with 180 degree inversion. This is an easy to assemble and use functional and durable unit and at such low price (one of the lowest for inversion tables) if all you need is something basic but comfortable and safe that will get you upside down- partially or completely to help with your hip or back pain and more, then this will do the job.

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