Merax JK1604 Folding Electric Treadmill Review

Merax JK1604 Folding Electric Treadmill

merax jk1604 electric treadmill

Merax JK1604 is a modern and stylish electric motorized treadmill with a foldable design. It is suitable for both walking and running thanks to its solid structure and you can comfortably use it every day without problems. It has an ideal size with the measurements of 25 x 45 x 58 inches and won’t take up a lot of space in your living room or workout area. It weighs 70 pounds and can have a maximum user weight of 220 pounds.

The multi-functional LCD display helps you monitor your workout progress with the useful indicators like distance, speed, calories and heart rate. There are even three preset workout programs that you wouldn’t expect on a budget model and also a manual program. They will affect the way you burn calories after your workout and enhance your aerobic capacity as well. It is quite easy to assemble and measures 25 x 25 x 51 inches when assembled, is easy to operate, and with the folding design and wheels at the bottom you can move it easily.

You can jog at speeds up to 10 km/h, which is equal to 6.2 miles per hour to burn calories faster. The running belt offers enough support for your legs, back and ankles, for also quicker recovery after your session. Merax JK1604 measures 14 x 44 inches, which is not too bad for an economical electric treadmill. Like on the JK1603E model, the motor has a peak power of just 500 watts (110V voltage), which is not a lot but adequate at this level. The good thing about it is it hardly makes any noise and will be no distraction to your music or TV. As a security feature, there is the emergency stop cord that you can pull when you need to stop immediately and you can’t by normal means.

merax jk1604 folding electric treadmill

You also have the speed up and down buttons on both handles, that are easier to access. It is a pretty decent quality product that is offered with a year of warranty on the motor and frame. Please note that there aren’t any incline positions on this treadmill and you will be walking or jogging at a fixed angle. You may need to do some small maintenance like tightening the running belt by adjusting it on both sides (turning it clockwise). But please don’t do it too tight or you may break the treadmill. We don’t really recommend running on it, doesn’t come with any extra bells and whistles and is not commercial grade but does the job as a basic yet solid and capable unit for its price.

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