Merax ME560 Whole Body Vibration Platform Review

Merax ME560 Whole Body Vibration Platform


Merax ME560 is a heavy duty and modern, hot new release vibration platform with a powerful 1500 watt (110V / 60Hz) eco silent drive motor and 60 speeds (good range and power) for the whole body, for massage, fitness, weight loss, exercise, muscle strengthening, toning and building and cellulite reduction purposes. You’ll find two control panels- one at the top and one lower for basically when you’re sitting down on the large vibration plate, so you can control the motion, time and speed conveniently, whether you’re sitting or standing. As a heavy duty unit it weighs around 110 pounds with exact dimensions of 60 x 30 x 29 inches, will be sent in two boxes (total shipping weight of 121 pounds) and the vibration platform is larger than most others we have seen so far and the user weight capacity is impressive at 330 pounds thanks to its heavy duty and great quality build. Four suction cups underneath ensure stability when you’re using the vibration platform. There is a total of four programs, one is manual for easy customization and three preset programs, depending on what you need. The motor is powerful and offering different speeds but runs quietly and the triangular oscillation frequency type vibration is quite effective for different purposes you’d be using it for. 


These include soothing insomnia and helping you relax, enhancing muscle strength and toning, balance and coordination, weight, fat and calorie loss, increasing metabolism, enhancing blood circulation, rehabilitating injuries, activating joints, increasing bone density and body density and decreasing thread veins. It offers strong massage, especially at the higher speed. But if you are going to use it solely for workout, muscle building and weight loss, we do not recommend the use of vibration platform on their own, although the vibration platform manufacturers tell us that ten minutes on these is equal to an hour of regular exercise, they should be considered more as additional tools to the conventional workout and good eating habits. It is a fact that the use of vibration platforms has increased over the last few years as they are believed to enhance your overall well-being and health and to be able to reap the maximum benefit, you will want to be willing to spend a bit more, to be able to get something decent like this Merax ME560. There is no remote control mentioned on the product page and thanks to the additional lower control panel there seems to be no need and no yoga straps which could help with your upper body, but we are not so sure if these straps really help- speaking from past experience. Other than these small points, it is easy to use (no complex interfaces), has two display panels with four LED windows for your convenience, and is versatile, durable, powerful, functional.

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