Merax P2000 Water Rowing Machine Foldable Indoor Rower Review

Merax P2000 Foldable Water Rower

merax water rower rowing machine

Merax P2000 is a modern indoor water rowing machine with a premium foldable design, a sturdy construction and a smart LCD panel for use in the comfort of your home. It is currently rated 5 out of 5 stars by 8 users on the day of this product review.

Merax Rowing Machine has an airtight front tank with the hydro blades that you fill with water for resistance. It helps make you feel like rowing on real water as you hear the nice splashing sounds. Other than the water sound you won’t really hear anything as it works quietly. With this modern, high-end rower you get up to 85% of your muscles involved as part of an effective workout with the submerged flywheel in water.

The Merax Rower has the safe rubber foot grips for keeping it even on the ground and stable. It has a large molded seat that measures 14.6 x 11.4 inches with the thick shape foam and an ergonomic design that fits the contours of your body and will be comfortable over longer sessions. And you can row comfortably even during the tough workout sessions. It has a 19-inch long handle that allows multiple grips and lets you adjust the position of your hand easily.

The large LCD display panel shows the calories burned, number of strokes, distance traveled, duration and heart rate. You can start quickly with a single push of the Quick Start button. It has a 220 lb. (100kg) user weight capacity and measures 81.5 x 20.5 x 20 inches as assembled and 34.6 x 20.5 x 56.7 inches as folded. So it is both compact and foldable and great for smaller spaces and to get out of the way when you need to. You can move and store it easily in a convenient spot thanks to its foldable design and the solid transport wheels at the front.

You can fill the hydro tank up to 6 levels for different resistance levels for more or less challenge. Each foot pad is 12.2 inches and has foot straps to keep your feet safe and will pivot with your feet during the intense rowing. It is easy to assemble with the clear instructions and tools in less than half an hour Merax Water Rowing Machineon your own. It works well with a good range of resistance and making you feel relaxed with the sound of water.

If you haven’t worked out for a while you will feel it working on your different muscles and possibly a light pain after a couple of days, as an indication that it is actually working. You will get it shipped quickly from an Amazon warehouse within the US and you can contact the seller through your Amazon order page or the Merax email address or phone number. It has a premium look and feel and a robust and durable construction to help it make last for a long time. And you’re getting an overall great unit at a reasonable price.

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