Merax RB1020 Magnetic Stationary Recumbent Bike Review

Merax RB1020 Magnetic Recumbent Bike

Merax RB1020 Magnetic Recumbent Bike

Black Merax RB1020 is a hot new release, modern and heavy duty, stationary and recumbent exercise bike for home use. It will help you burn calories throughout your body- lower, core and upper. Your whole family can use it every day but is not designed for commercial gym use.

You can benefit from varying levels of challenge with the 8 resistance levels with the adjustable magnetic resistance system through the tension dial in the middle. So you can make it as challenging and intense as you want. It has a very good size seat with a large and comfy cushioned backrest and both are nicely padded for your comfort during your longer exercise sessions.

The seat is conveniently and easily adjustable for a stride length between 41 and 48 inches with the easy access handle for different user leg lengths. So shorter and taller people can use it comfortably for burning calories and fat, and for strengthening and toning different parts of lower body and abdominals. And this will also help target and offer you the most optimal effect possible on different parts of your legs as this will keep your legs at a comfy length.

There is a yellow and black large and easy to read digital LCD display panel with stats like speed, time, calories, distance, scan, pulse rate (hand pulse sensors) and ODOmeter with the Set, Mode and Reset buttons underneath. Black Merax RB1020 has a sleek and elegant appearance and looks good in all black, weighs roughly 57 pounds (the shipping weight) and measures 57.9 x 40.7 x 24.8 inches as assembled.

This is quite a solid and durable product with a total user weight capacity of 380 pounds or 172 kg and will be good for a great percentage of adults. Like with any fitness equipment you buy online or at the shops you’ll need to do some assembly work, which is easy enough in less than an hour with Merax RB1020 Magnetic Recumbent Bike LCD Displaythe clear manual without needing additional tools other than what is provided in the box, especially if you have a second person assisting you.

But please make sure you follow the instructions on the manual very carefully. The best thing about using such a recumbent bike over an upright bike is it is easier on your back, joints, and knees and offers lower impact workout with an ergonomic design.

The seat and backrest offer great lower back support if you have any problems on your back. With its walk-through design, it is very easy to mount and dismount. You can adjust your seat with the handle underneath while sitting on it. The textured anti-slip pedals also feel solid and include straps for your security. Merax RB1020 is a stable and compact unit that does not wobble during your workout. It is a sturdy and durable product that runs quietly and smoothly. It is offered with a 90 days parts and 3 years of frame warranty which we think is reasonable.

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