Merax RLS8400 Full Body Power Tower Home Fitness Workout Station Review

Merax RLS8400 Power Tower Workout Station via Amazon

Merax RLS8400 Full Body Power Tower Home Fitness Workout Station

Merax RLS8400 is a recently on the market power tower for upper body, core and lower body as a versatile and multi-functional station for your home gym or light commercial use and that is suitable for both beginners and advanced gym goers and body builders. It is quite a solid and stable combination workout station with reinforced, safe and sturdy steel frame and durable D-frame base to carry your weight comfortably without shaking or wobbling when you’re doing a variety of upper body strengthening exercises by using your own body weight. It can carry a maximum user weight of up to 330 pounds which we think this is more than acceptable and reasonable at this price point. You can also anchor the drilled footplate to the ground for even more stability and with anti-slip grips on handles you will have a little safer workout. It includes durable and comfy, thick and heavy-duty box-style seam-stitched, sewn vinyl cushions that are designed to last much longer and for your comfort when you’re developing and toning your chest, arms, back and abdominals or helping you achieve whatever your fitness goals may be.

Merax RLS8400 Full Body Power Tower Workout Station

Merax RLS8400 is a nice looking power tower that measures 52.3 x 43.3 x 84.6 inches with an innovative design that includes dual arched bars for stability. It is not shipped assembled, comes in two packages that weigh 50 pounds and 25.5 pounds and requires some simple enough assembly. Instructions are not the best but you’ll still be fine on your own or even better with the help of another person. As a small but important tip, just make sure you tighten the nuts and bolts after assembling the whole unit. Vertical Knee Raise- VKR Station is for working on your abs and core muscles to help you perhaps develop a six pack; Push-Up Station for core, shoulders and biceps; Dip Station for great upper body strength, chest, shoulders and triceps; Pull-Up Station for working on more defined forearms and biceps and Push-up bars your arms and chest. So this is a simple but quite a versatile and multi-functional unit that will let you hit a variety of muscles using your own body weight- without having to add weights, to do pull ups, push ups, dips, crunches, leg raises and more. And it is an essential and important unit for any home gym, offered at an affordable price and the shipping is often fast through Amazon.

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