Merax Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar, Chin-Up Bar, Dip Stand Power Tower w/ 440lb. Capacity Review

Merax  Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar, Chin-Up Bar, Dip Stand Power Tower 

Black and red Merax Wall Mounted Power Tower Set is made up of a pull-up bar, multi-grip chin-up bar, and a dip stand and has a 440-pound total weight capacity on its sturdy frame.

The average customer rating is 4.4 out of 5 stars by 52 users at the moment. It has a rather sturdy construction of a heavy gauge steel frame that is 1.5 x 1.5 inches with the cross-V-struttings added on two sides that make it strong and stable. You can attach the extra workout accessories like the power ropes, punch bags, TRX strap and yoga straps with the two solid suspension anchors.

All of them are included in the package except for the yoga straps. And with these attachments you have different exercise options when you’re targeting slightly different muscles. You can hold the 38-inch pull up bar in narrow, parallel or wide positions to work out at different angles. The textured anti-slip handle is safe and comfortable to hold when you’re doing your vertical knee raises, tricep dips and more.

This pull up station has an ergonomic design with a very dense 2-inch back cushion support & arm rest to offer you comfort when you do your chest, waist, abs, triceps, shoulders and more. There will be less pressure on your elbow and spine during your workout. You can do your chin ups, pull ups, tricep dips,Merax Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar Yoga Ring muscle ups and leg raises. The ergonomic design lets you change between the dip and pull up configurations easily. You can assemble it on a brick or concrete wall easily and it weighs 26 pounds and measures 38L x 29W x 23.5H inches.

The dip is 5.5 inches long, arm pad is 11L x 24W x 2H inches and back pad is 12L x 8.5W x 2H inches. It is a compact unit that is designed for easy wall mounting. The assembly is very easy to do within just half an hour with just the 8 screws and supports a maximum user weight of 440 pounds. It can be set up outside if you have a wall or flat wood surface for hanging the hooks. But you may want to take the unit down and keep it inside. It is very stable with the diagonal bracing and welded corners and once hooked it won’t really move at all. You will feel how strong it is when you’re doing whatever workout.

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