Merax Water Rowing Machine with LCD Display Review

Merax Water Rowing Machine

Merax Water Rowing Machine

Black Merax Water Rowing Machine is an indoor fitness unit that mimics dynamic rowing across actual water with a smooth and quiet glide for a great effective cardiovascular or aerobic workout in the comfort of your home.

It is designed for home gym use or office but not for outdoor use or for commercial gym settings. The rating for the Merax Water Rower is 4.3 out of 5 stars on the Amazon page, but it is best to wait for that to get updated as it seems like there is a mix-up with another product on the day of this review.

The Merax Rower has a large smart multifunctional LCD display panel with the useful stats like calories burned, distance traveled, strokes, duration of rowing and heart rate. And you’ll see the Recovery, Reset, Start/Stop, Up and Down buttons. The quick Start and Stop button lets you start rowing with the push of a single button. The large contoured padded seat sits on a solid steel construction with a sturdy frame. It looks sleek, modern and elegant overall in black and dashing blue. You can expect durability and consistent performance from this solid rower that supports user weights up to 330 pounds.

The blue water tank with a unique design offers enhanced resistance as compared to the other rowers that sit in a flat position. You’ll hear the  water splashing sound in the aqua blue water tank. But this is not noise and certainly quite relaxing. And you can still listen to music or watch videos without needing to turn the volume up too much. This great water rower with varying low to high levels of intensity challenges you and puts you in a race mode. Merax Water Rower LCD DisplayAnd you may feel like you’re in a proper rowing competition.

The funnel and pumping siphon are included in the box to allow you to fill the tank with water to any level for different levels of resistance and challenge. It has a 19-inch large comfy handle with an ergonomic design to help enhance your performance level on this machine.

The large contoured seat is molded for your comfort and measures 12.5 x 10 inches and will make you feel comfortable on your long sessions. The footrests are 12 inches long, pivot safely with your feet and include Velcro straps that you can adjust for your comfort. The Merax Water Rower is compact in size, space saving with a small footprint as it measures only 78 x 20 x 25.5 inches. It has the adjustable anti-slip PVC foot pads underneath to help make you feel more stable during your session. Merax Rower is not only good for your back muscles, but also for legs and core section. You’re getting pretty decent value for money from a high quality sturdy water rower with a brand new design.

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