MGYM Foldable Stationary Magnetic Recumbent Upright Bike Review

MGYM Foldable Magnetic Recumbent Upright Bike

MGYM Indoor Stationary Bike

MGYM Indoor Exercise Bike is a foldable and portable recumbent & upright cardiovascular fitness equipment with 8 levels of magnetic resistance, a very large ergonomic padded seat and the arm resistance bands. It is a home gym cardio fitness equipment for use by both men and women at different fitness levels.

Silver MGYM Stationary Foldable Bike has a solid steel frame with a stable X structure for a total of 265 pounds of user weight capacity and a premium look and feel. The shipping weight is 31.9 pounds and measures 46L x 15W x 8H inches. As a recumbent bike you have a large ergonomic seat that measures 11.8 x 8.7 inches, with the backrest and the handles. And the height and position of this seat is adjustable to three levels and it can be used in three modes of recumbent, semi-recumbent and upright.

The smart multifunctional LCD monitor offers you the standard workout data of distance traveled, time exercised, calories burned, current speed, scan that shows each of these indicators and pulse rate via the handle heart rate sensors. It has the smartphone/tablet holder where you can put your portable smart device and listen to the music or watch Youtube videos when you’re riding the bike. This will help with a bit of a distraction , entertainment and being able to work out longer and burn more calories and fat.

You’ll get two arm tension bands to help you work on your upper body and arm muscles for a balanced total body training. There are 8 levels of magnetic resistance that you can adjust to your exercise needs for different levels of challenge- more relaxed or intense. It offers you an accurate heart rate reading and you can stay in your target heart rate zone to burn calories more efficiently. You’ll have a comfortable workout experience on its ergonomic fully padded seat with foam filling,MGYM Indoor Stationary Workout Bike comfortable backrest and handles on both sides. And the textured anti-slip pedals have the foot straps that can be adjusted to accommodate your feet.

With the magnetic wheel it rides much quieter and smoother than a chain driven bike and will not disturb your family or neighbors. You can fold it in half of its assembled size easily to occupy much less space in your living area. It also comes with the built-in transportation wheels to help you move it wherever you want easily. It is a great little home gym cardio workout bike that can be used by beginners or those of you that do weight training and need something to warm up and cool down etc. It will help you burn calories and fat, build and tone your leg muscles and abdominal muscles. The date this foldable modern bike became available at is March 22, 2021 and we do not have any customer reviews on the website on the day of this post release.

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