Mikolo Multi-Function 1400lb. Commercial Power Cage Review

Mikolo Multi-Function 1400lb. Commercial Power Cage

Mikolo Power Cage 1400lbs

Mikolo Multi-Function Power Cage is a 1400lb. total capacity commercial weight equipment with a cable crossover machine, barbell holder, T-bar, dip bars, landmine, cable bar, J-hooks and other attachments. You can get the lat bar attachment separately at a reasonable price through the same product page. 

Mikolo Power Cage was first available on February 4, 2021 and is currently ranked the 15th best seller among the strength training power cages. This 2022 brand new version silver power cage has an average user rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars by 399 customers at the time of this post release. This commercial grade multi-functional power cage has an 80mm x 40m, 13 gauge commercial thickness steel tube for a great stability. 

You have a total of 14 heights you can adjust this cage to depending on your needs. It operates smoothly with the good quality pulley and high tensile strength steel coated cable. Whatever you see on the first photo is included with your purchase. Mikolo Multi-Function Power Cage weighs 260 pounds, measures 86.6 x 67.7 x 52 inches and the total recommended weight capacity is up to 1400 pounds. It is easy to assemble by two people following the clear assembly instructions included in the package. 

You can put both the standard and Olympic weight plates on the weight plates holder of this cable crossover machine. There is also an additional regular barbell and Olympic weight plates holder on the side of this power cage. You can fit the 2-inch Olympic bar on the T-bar, landmine and barbell holder and swivels full 360 degrees with the up and down directions. You can use it with aMikolo Multi-Function Power Cage, 1400 lbs Features 6 ft barbell on the weight rack of this power cage. There are four grips on the pull-up bar for you to do your narrow and wide pull-ups for targeting different muscles.

You can do a variety of exercises including the seated cable row, deadlifts, squats, narrow and wide lat pull-down, landmine movements, bench press, pull-ups, dips, chin-ups, tricep extensions, bicep curls and more. So you will not need to change the equipment for doing these different exercises in the comfort of your home. It has the EVA totally wrapped handles for enhancing your comfort level during your workout and you will not need to wear gloves. The pull down bar fits the palms of your hands well and will not hurt them. 

Mikolo Multi-Function Power Cage is offered with an 8-month component replacement service and the support team can be contacted for any concerns or questions you may have via your Amazon account order page and they generally get back within twelve hours. Please note that you will get this power cage shipped to your address in three separate boxes and the total package weighs is 255 pounds. Mikolo Fitness has been in the fitness equipment industry since 2010 for home and garage, indoor and outdoor power cages, smith machines, fitness pulley systems and all-in-one gym stations. 

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