MiM USA All in One Compact Smith Machine and Squat Rack Review

MiM USA AIO Smith Machine & Squat Rack

MiM USA Compact Smith Machine and Squat Rack

MiM USA All in One Workout Equipment is a large set of a compact squat rack and a smith machine, sit up, dip up and a solid workout bench for performing different exercises in the comfort of your home. It is designed for home gym use despite having a commercial grade build quality with an alloy steel frame. 

You can purchase the squat rack on its own or the complete set and the current price difference is currently about 270 dollars. It offers a great deal of safety with a variety of features including the parallel chrome plated guide rod and smith structure, patented sliding support mechanism, solid whole welding frame, rubber stopper and safety catch hooks. The compact smith machine structure and the squat rack with the innovative 4-track pulley offer a quiet, efficient and smooth workout. 

You can perform exercises like flat, decline and incline chest press, seated preacher curl, leg extension and leg curl on this multifunctional equipment of a comfy bench and a rack with the patented sliding support. The barbell sleeves are Olympic size of two inches and you can certainly change them for one inch weight stacks, which are not included in the package. You can use the rack for squats when you separate the bench from the rack by raising the seat and detaching the support bar over the frame. 

Black and red Mim USA AIO Set weighs 170 pounds (gross) and has the dimensions of 70D x 73W x 69.5H inches (including the connected weight bench) as assembled. The total weight capacity is 600 pounds and 300 pounds for only the user on its sturdy construction. The structure of this fitness equipment is different from the ones with a conventional design, thanks to particularly its roller sliding support that makes theMiM USA Compact Smith Machine and Squat Rack All in One barbell move smoothly on the guide rod with the resistance reduced and the barbell clamping avoided. And you have a smooth and safe workout in the comfort of your home gym. 

August 7, 2019 is the date it was first available at Amazon.com and is ranked in the top 100 best selling Home Gym Systems. Please use the Smith machine properly if you don’t want to experience any injuries, but it does provide a level of safety If you’re working out with the heavy weights. It is shipped unassembled, the basic tools and instructions are included and you can complete the process within an hour or two depending on your skill level. It is a good quality product overall that seems to offer decent value for the dollar and the warranty on its robust frame is lifetime. Please note that the weight plates you see on the product photos are not included in the box. 

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