Mini Mute Folding Mechanical Treadmill Review

Mini Mute Folding Mechanical Treadmill

MandyLove Running Machine Mechanical Mini Mute Folding

The Mini Mute Mechanical Treadmill by MandyLove has a compact size and a foldable ergonomic design. It is rather comfy to use and has an ergonomic design with a great quality massage footboard- elastic belt and less impact on your joints with the shock absorb feature.

It is suitable for daily efficient cardiovascular workouts to help you keep fit by burning those extra calories and fat. And the company claims that you can walk, jog or run on it with confidence, as it has a 3.5 horsepower motor. Although it is a sturdy unit with a decent power motor, we are not quite sure how easy it may be to run on it as the treadmill itself is compact and the running belt is not very large.

The running belt is conveniently adjustable so it won’t leave the footboard. It looks good in white and blue, measures 19.69 x 34.25 x 37 inches as assembled and 37.8 x 20 x 2.76 inches as folded. The maximum user weight capacity is specified as roughly 176 pounds (80kg). So it will take up little space in your home gym area or living room and much less storage space.

It has a small multifunctional dial LCD screen with stats like calories, distance, speed and time for you to monitor your progress. You can get these indicators displayed automatically or use the change function- the green button manually. MandyLove Running Machine Mechanical Mini Mute Treadmill You won’t find the heart rate sensors or an indicator on the display panel as this is a simple entry-level unit.

This will help you keep slim and fit but to get results from any workout equipment or program you need to also have a healthy eating plan. Regular cardio or resistance training also helps relieve stress and elevate your mood. In the box, you will get the MandyLove Mini Mute Treadmill, the display panel, a battery for the LCD display, a hexagon spinner and the assembly instructions.

There are no bells and whistles on this unit but does what it is supposed to efficiently. For the low price level concerned it is very well constructed, looks quite nice, works well and if you don’t have very high expectations it will meet your needs for a daily cardio workout. It works very quietly and you will not be disturbing the members of your family or downstairs neighbors. It is shipped swiftly via in a package that measures 38 x 21.26 x 3.15 inches and weighs 26.6 pounds.

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