MIR Women Adjustable Weighted Vest Review

MIR Women Adjustable Weighted Vest via Amazon

MIR Women Adjustable weighted vest

MIR Women Adjustable weighted vest is compact in size and snug fit for great comfort, designed for all-purpose workout and is offered in two different versions of regular “Women” and the “Women Pro” and includes weights between 10 to 50 pounds of weight (10lbs to 30lbs for Women vest and 40lbs to 50lbs for Women Pro) and the weight can easily be removed. Shipping cost is extra but being fixed at 12 pounds of shipping weight, you’ll be charged the same fixed amount no matter how light or heavy the vest you purchase is. The compact size fits most women and the female design makes it more suitable for female users and will not restrict you in any way. The weight is distributed equally all around the vest so that users can experience comfort during their exercise sessions, whether they’re walking, jogging or running and they have all the range of motion you want. Snug and secure fit is provided by the shoulder straps and other adjustable straps and offers an ideal fit to your body. It is comfy and very well made of 1200 D-Nylon, durable enough to last you quite a while and you don’t have to worry about the vest breaking.  It is great quality, is very easy to use overall, is comfy and will not feel hot even at very hot temperatures.

MIR Women Adjustable weighted vest Women Pro

This MIR Women Vest offers a great way to fast track your training program whether you’re doing yoga, resistance training, cycling, swimming, mountain climbing, rope climbing, stair climbing, boxing- basically anything indoors and outdoors, burn more calories and improve your speed and agility- is great that it can be adopted to any exercise type, including hardcore military training. Using extra weights equally distributed on a vest you’re wearing will allow you to gain endurance, strength overall including leg strength, increase your body mass and move quicker. As many athletes and others have confirmed, this is quite a beneficial vest for different kinds of workout, is comfortable and without irritations like you may get from other vests and is certainly not bulky and when you’re doing push ups and pull ups without the vest moving- it stays locked and doesn’t get in your way during exercise. You’ll appreciate that extra burn you get from wearing the vest, which means burning more calories and fat by making your workout more challenging, how comfortable it is with its slim design and multi-strap system. Mir Vest offers lifetime service warranty for their vests as a proof that they are very high quality A grade products and also 30 day money back guarantee along with the 60 day exchange policy.

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