MOBI Fitness Walnut Wood Rowing Machine Water Rower Review

MOBI Fitness Rowing Machine Water Rower  

MOBI FITNESS Rowing Machine for Home Use

Walnut MOBI Fitness Rower is an indoor cardio fitness machine with water resistance, solid belt drive and an LCD display, that is designed for home gym use. You’ll get an electric water pump included in the package for this premium walnut rowing machine with water resistance.

Mobi Fitness Rower weighs 58 pounds and measures 77L x 49W x 49H inches. With the relaxing sound of water and the realistic feel it gives you, it will feel like rowing outdoors in a lake. This rower is designed like a real boat with a unique shape and curves and will offer you that great realistic feel. It mimics the dynamic movements on the water- lake or river with a soothing glide. With the adjustable water resistance for more or less challenge according to what you can handle at the time of your workout, this rowing machine is great for burning calories, losing weight and toning muscles.

The LCD Monitor has the indicators of distance traveled, calories burned, calories per hour, time exercised, strokes per minute, row counts and Scan function that gives you each of these stats one by one without you pressing anything manually. There is an iPad stand where you can put your tablet or smartphone. It doesn’t have a folding design but includes the wheels at the bottom below the water tank, and can be moved easily on the flat floor. You’ll get all the tools and instructions for assembly and you can put the pieces together easily according to the instructions provided. They can also send you a vdieo for assembly if you ask the customer service.

MOBI FITNESS Rowing Machine LCD Display

This rower offers a low impact workout that will be easy on your joints, knees and ankles and with very little noise except for the relaxing water sound. It is quite sturdy and durable with a red walnut wood frame and comfortable with a soft seat that would fit men and women of different sizes. You will feel the effect on your different parts of your body, not just your back, including the arms, shoulders, abs and legs- pretty much all the main muscle groups. There are no dead spots with the triple bladed impeller in the water tank with the baffled intervals that offer instant catch. And you will experience the resistance consistently over your whole stroke.

The footplates are adjustable for height and with straps to offer great foot placement and comfortable rowing. It runs smoothly and quietly and is pretty much maintenance-free. You can adjust the resistance by adding or removing water into the tank. Or alternatively you can row fast with to feel more resistance and more force. Mobi Fitness Rower is quite a beautiful looking walnut unit with water resistance and you can leave it in your living room too. You need to charge the little water pump before using it. It comes with a year of warranty by the manufacturer for the product and the service. You may contact the customer service at any time and they promise to get back to you within 8 hours and help you with your query. It is shipped from the California warehouse within a couple of days. The average customer rating is 4.6 out of 5 stars by only 4 users, this being released quite recently at

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