Moskado 2HP Folding Electric Treadmill with 3 Level Incline & MP3 Speakers Review

Moskado 2HP Folding Electric Treadmill  

Moskado Folding Treadmill

Black Moskado Folding Electric Treadmill is a walking, jogging and running fitness equipment with a 2HP motor, 3 level manual incline for home gym use with the MP3 speakers, LCD-backlit display, tablet holder in the middle and cup holders on the sides.

Black Moskado Treadmill weighs 72.5 pounds for a maximum total user weight capacity of 230 pound and measures 55 x 26 x 18 inches as assembled and 32 x 26 x 47 inches as folded. With the 2 horsepower motor, you can walk, jog or run comfortably and safely at the speeds between 0.7mph and 7.5mph on the wide running deck that measures 44 x 16 inches. There are 12 preset programs for your different workout needs or goals at walking, jogging and running speeds and 3 countdown modes of distance, calories and time.

Start/Stop, Speed Up and Down and Pulse as shortcut keys are available on the intelligent handlebars. It is easier to use them during your workout session than reaching for the touch buttons on the control panel. The LCD-backlit console has the touch buttons for Start/Stop, Program, Mode, Speed Up and Down and Quick Speed buttons for the speeds of 3, 6, 9 and 12kph. You will see the workout indicators of current speed, time exercised, distance traveled, calories burned and heart rate on the blue LCD display. It has 3 levels of incline that can be adjusted manually through the bottom.

Moskado Folding Treadmill LCD Display

Moskado Treadmill can help you burn calories and fat and lose weight, stimulate, strengthen and tone muscles if you dedicate a certain amount of time that suits you on this treadmill on a daily basis. You will achieve the results faster if you follow a healthy eating plan. It works smoothly and fairly quietly with the 2.0 horsepower motor and the deck with multiple layers. The speed can be adjusted between 0.7 and 7.5mph ( 1 to 12kph) for walking, jogging or running comfortably.

You’ll get an accurate heart rate reading via the pulse sensors on the handles, to stay in your target heart rate zone and burn calories efficiently. It has a hydraulic air spring structure with the Soft Drop system for folding and unfolding it easily. You can move it easily on its two transportation wheels at the front and will save you on space at home. You can listen to your favorite songs through the MP3 speakers on this treadmill. It has a robust and durable construction, sleek and modern design, a multi-layer shock absorbing tread belt for a low impact workout, LCD display, MP3 speakers, quick buttons on the handlebars and offers good value for money. It is a fairly recent release treadmill that first appeared at on December 21, 2020 without many customer reviews so far.

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