Mr Right Water Rowing Machine Oak Wood Rower Review

Mr Right Oak Wood Water Rowing Machine 

Mr Right Water Rower

Mr Right Water Rowing Machine is a high end, sturdy, durable, functional, sleek and modern vintage oak wood water rower with a Bluetooth LCD display panel for use at home. With a rather premium look and feel it looks more like a beautiful piece of furniture than a rowing machine.

Mr Right Water Rower has appeared at only very recently and there is a single 5-star rating. It includes the sturdy double wood rails with the heavy duty aluminum alloy rail track for the seat to slide smoothly at each stroke. It feels very stable and robust and offers a commercial level performance.¬† It doesn’t require any maintenance other than keeping it clean. You’ll be targeting about 84% of the muscle mass in your body- pretty much all the major muscle groups and not just your back muscles.

You have the adjustable resistance with the water that you fill the water tank with. You’ll find three workout modes- Target, Interval Custom and Manual on the customisable Bluetooth LCD Display. You’ll be able to manage your time and achieve your goals quicker. You can hook up to the FitShow application with the Bluetooth module. The indicators displayed on the display include the distance traveled, time exercised, strokes per minute, rowing strokes, calories burnt and pulse. You’ll get an electric water pump, Allen key and a rower cover included in the box.

Mr Right Water Rowing Machine weighs 58.5 pounds with a 320 lb. user weight capacity and measures 82L x 22W x 20H inches. So it is not really wider than a standard dining room chair. You can set it up easily for a great intense rowing session whenever you want in the comfort of your own home. It is easy to put together within just an hour with the tools you need- electric water pump and Allen key and the instructions included in the box. There are transportation wheels underneath and you can move it easily and put it against a wall in an upright position. It is easy to fill or draw out the water in the water tank. There is a flywheel in the water tank for a smooth and quiet workout with lots of resistance.

Mr Right Water Rowing Machine

As you hear the sound of water it will feel like rowing outdoors on the water. This particular model oak rowing machine work quieter than the other rowing machines on the market. We do not even need to comment on the quality of the construction as it is made of solid oak wood and metal. You’ll get a cover for this rowing machine that offers protection against harmful ultraviolet lights and water (anti-UV and waterproof) as well as the potential scratches and dust. You can burn calories and fat, strengthen and tone your muscles and work your whole body, including your glutes and quads on your legs, core section- abs, arms- biceps and triceps.

It offers a low impact workout that will be easy on your knees and joints, unlike with the exercise bikes or treadmill. The level of resistance is determined by how much water you put in the tank, and there is no resistance adjustment option. Mr Right Water Rowing Machine is built very sturdy, very easy to use, offers a nice workout and works quietly with just the sound of water that will make you relaxed. The warranty offered is one year for the frame and 180 days for all the other accessories, repair and replacement parts and other components by the manufacturer. You can send an email the customer support or message on Amazon if you encounter any problems and they will be happy to help. For the build quality, functionality and features it is a great value rowing machine at a great price. We are more than happy to recommend this high-end rower, to at least have a look if it is withing your price range.

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