Murtisol 3-in-1 ABRowing Foldable Ab Rower Review

Murtisol 3-i-1 ABRowing Foldable Ab Rower

Murtisol 3 in1 Foldable AB Rower

Murtisol Abrowing is hot new release 3-in-1 full motion, foldable and portable ab rower with the adjustable elastic resistance and LCD-backlit display for a great cardiovascular, abdominal and upper body training in your home gym.

The date it became available at is March 22, 2021 and there aren’t many reviews so far. Murtisol Abrowing has a convenient all in one design for performing a variety of exercises to train different parts of your body. It actually brings together the three modes in the rowing, core section and upper body for a decent whole body workout. It offers an effective training program that gets your different leg muscles, arms- triceps and biceps, back and glutes. it is robust and durable, being made of good quality materials and should last for many years if taken good care of.

It measures 59 x 16 x 16 inches and has a conveniently foldable and portable design and you can move it easily to under your bed or sofa. The large textured footplates have the adjustable straps to keep different sized feet secure during your session in one of the two positions available. The multifunctional LCD display offers you the standard indicators of calories burned, time exercised, strokes per minute, total steps and ABSMurtisol 3 in1 Foldable AB Rowing Machine counter to help you monitor your workout progress and stay on track to your target. You may adjust the elastic resistance up and down for more or less challenge when you’re rowing and also when you’re doing your ab workout.

Different parts of this multifunctional unit can actually be adjusted. The saddle angle and the extension levels can be adjusted and you’ll have slightly different ab workouts with a bit of variety. The padded seat with an ergonomic design is comfortable and the hand grips have the very dense foam to make you feel comfortable during your workout session. The seat slides smoothly and quietly along the rowing beam and you will not be disturbing people in the house or your neighbors. There are two levels of tension on the rower and two angles for ab training. You can change between the 3 modes of rowing, upper body and abdominal modes in only a few seconds for a great total body workout. If you don’t have a lot of time to get to gym from your work and other commitments, this 3-in-1 equipment can help you burn calories, strengthen your muscles and get in shape.

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