Murtisol Elliptical Fan Bike with Hand Weights & Resistance Bands Review

Murtisol Elliptical Fan Bike with Hand Weights & Resistance Bands

Murtisol Fan Bike Elliptical Machine Exercise Bike

Murtisol Elliptical Fan Bike is a modern cardiovascular and light resistance training exercise machine with a small LCD display panel, hand weights and resistance bands for a total home and office gym workout.

You will be getting a total body workout including your abdominal section. You can either sit down and cycle or stand up and exercise in the elliptical mode without any burden on your ankles, knees or joints. This will give you an additional upper body workout with the dual action workout arms, the resistance bands and the light dumbbells. You can adjust the resistance via the tension knob.

The multifunctional high head LCD monitor shows the useful stats of current speed, calories burned, distance traveled, time exercised and scan that moves between these indicators one by one without you needing to press a button manually. The high head design of the LCD display makes it easier for you to keep track of your workout progress with the better line of sight and stay motivated. There are three buttons of Mode, Set and Reset below to the right of the display.

Murtisol Elliptical is not a foldable bike or elliptical but has the movable transportation wheels for easy relocation and storage. You’ll get two sets of hand weights of two pounds and three pounds, that you can use for upper body strength training along with the elastic Murtisol Fan Bike Elliptical Machine Bikeresistance bands. These resistance bands are removable if you think they’re in your way. One can achieve more in a shorter or same amount of time with the synthesized lower and upper body exercises.

Both the seat and the handles are adjustable for height and the seat can be adjusted high enough to straighten your legs for a more efficient workout. So shorter and taller people can use it comfortably by adjusting to the position they need. Murtisol Elliptical measures 34.64 × 23.62 × 62 inches and will not take up a lot of space because of its vertical design. And the maximum user weight capacity is specified as 330 pounds on the product info page thanks to its sturdy frame.

It has the large textured anti-slip pedals that will help you avoid foot slippage. You will get the simple tools and instructions for assembly and it is easy to put together. Please make sure all the bolts and nuts are tightened properly before you start using this elliptical machine. It is not designed for outdoor use or near the water and please make sure you have it on a clean and flat surface. We think this is a great value elliptical fan bike, considering its affordable price. You can choose to pay for an expert assembly with the price shown on the product page.

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