Murtisol Whole Body Vibration Platform, 08VF and 08VW Review

Murtisol Whole Body Vibration Platform

Murtisol Whole Body Vibration Platform

Murtisol 08VF is a multi-purpose whole body vibration platform machine with a 500W power motor, and LED touch display panel. It is designed to help you burn calories and fat, lose weight, strengthen your muscles, increase your bone density, massage, relieve pain, enhance blood circulation, balance, flexibility and your overall fitness level, and decrease fatigue and stress. 

Murtisol Vibration Platform has an impressive average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars by 10 customers at the time of this review. It has the hand pulse rate grips on both sides, left and right and you can monitor your pulse rate to adjust the vibration intensity to get the best results with maximum amount of fat burning. The easy to read and operate smart LED touch display includes the Start/Stop, Program Select, Time, Pulse, Speed+ and Speed- buttons and Speed, Time/Pulse and Calorie indicators. There are three preset programs: P1 to P3.

Black Murtisol 08VF has a sleek and modern design, weighs 60.6 pounds and measures 26L x 23.6W x 46.5H inches. The compact Murtisol 08VW model weighs 45.4 pounds and measures 30.5L x 16.9W x 6.3H inches. And the smallest version is 20.9 pounds and measures 20.9L x 16.3W x 4.7H inches. The maximum user weight capacity is 265 pounds. You can enjoy intense workouts with 1 to 15 levels of speed from its 500W power dual motor and adjust the intensity. With the two detachable resistance bands you can work on your upper body and arms at the same time. You’ll find two other compact vibration plates in black and red at product page with 3D, Bluetooth, dual motors and remote (08VW) or the plain round shaped model.

The base board is made of non-toxic, anti-static, anti-slip, robust and durable PVC and ABS materials. You have the feet stability on the anti-slip surface and the bottom suction cups underneath that will keep the platform in place. You can slim your legs- thighs, arms, abs and other body parts on this easy to use vibration platform. You are promised good results in less time: 10 minutes a day on this is equal to an hour Murtisol Whole Body Vibration Platform LED Displayat the gym according to the manufacturer. It is easy to attach the resistance bands via the hooks on the small holes on each side at the bottom. You’ll feel a very good vibration overall as it moves quickly in linear- horizontally, and has different speeds and settings.

Please do not get confused with the 3D in the specs as the 08VW model has 3D with dual motors, and not the 08VF model. It is a heavy-duty vibration platform that runs smoothly and quietly. It does what it is supposed to do very well as a well designed and balanced vibration platform, is easy on your joints. If you’re suffering from feet, shoulder, joint or knee pain using this regularly will help ease the pain. You need to plug this machine into a power outlet as it works by electricity. Instructions are written in poor English, but the assembly is pretty straightforward. Judging by the customer reviews it offers quite a relaxing experience. It is a great quality, well-constructed and durable product that should last many years and you can purchase a three-year warranty for 29.99 dollars.

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